Qt3 Games Podcast: the return of Age of Empires Online

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: the return of Age of Empires Online
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When April 25, 2012

This week we talk with Kevin Perry, the executive producer of Age of Empires Online, about the recent dramatic changes made to the game..

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Pour me some coffee, fellow nighthawks, because I'm a permanent resident of this lonely diner. Thank you, Kevin Perry, for Shadow Watch. I have a copy, but can't get it to run because of video or audio codices or something. Woe and lamentations! But it is one game from the 90s I played SO much that I could probably reproduce its game design document from scratch.

After all this time, though, I had no idea there was a novel. Gonna pass on that one, thanks.

Traditional fighting games with touch screen controls sounds like the worst thing. I'm pretty sure it's illegal in most countries.

SFxT gems are fine if balanced and available to everyone, but already people who forked out for the Collector's Edition have better gems, which is ridiculous. Other than that there's no unlocking, but I wouldn't trust Capcom to not sell additional premium gems as DLC in the future, or more likely monetizing a similar concept in a future game if gems prove to be popular. I mean Capcom's fighting game producer Yoshinori Ono has already gone from not doing doing DLC characters because of balance concerns, likening it to selling pieces in chess, to selling something like 14 characters in SFxT. Granted, it probably had more to do with them wanting to sell updated disc versions at the time, but that doesn't really help Capcom in the trust department. I watched some tournament streams close to SFxT's release, they all played sans gems because assigning them simply takes too long in that setting(made worse by the average match length being longer, at least for now).

Nice that AoE Online has added a skill based 1on1 mode.

Does anyone have instructions for adding the patrol and stop commands to AOE online? Been looking around without much success

The patrol command has to be added in the keybind section of the options screen. Once you add a key, you can set a location for a unit and it will patrol between its current position and the designated location, attacking enemy units that enter its line of sight.

There is no stop command.

Billy, Patrol is unbound by default. You can bind it to the key of your choice by going under Options and looking at Key Bindings.

There is no stop command.

Ah thanks a lot found it.

It's good to hear Age of Empires is getting better with passing time, and it sounds like Kevin Perry is really whipping it into shape.

Looking forward to next week's podcast for more AVWW talk.