Qt3 Games Podcast: the sixty percent solution

Yeah, I had to bite my tongue to keep from bringing that up. I didn't want to be *that* guy, since Ed was making a point that was in no way invalidated by the fact that he was referencing an urban legend.

I love this point. Thanks for bringing that up, Mr. Three Arr.

The Red Star also has a great PSP port, which conveniently works on the Vita.

Really loved listening to this discussion, thanks to you guys for airing your opinions and speaking passionately on the top of gaming scores. I partly agree with Ed that Metacritic is horrible, because they are working at cross purposes to their intentions - namely that they are aggregating data points, namely scores, that have no relational value. Tom's system for scoring is not Gamespot's or Kotaku's, etc. I believe Metacritic's very existence lends too much weight to this valueless aggregate score. So my solution is death to game scores. Yeah, like that'll happen.

I'm late to listening, but two points for you Tom.
There are negative externalities to your principled stand that you might not be accounting for fully. For example, your 3 star review has a direct effect on the success of a game. Maybe it is small or large, that can be argued, but there is an effect. Are you considering that loss of income in your calculus?

Movies are a 2 hour event; reviews don't have as much impact on their consumption as on a longer term purchase like a game. Think about the amount of research you put into buying a hamburger/meal vs. buying a new car, laptop, or phone. The sensitivity to reviews is greatly influenced by the time and value of the good.

This one should say, SPOILER: Contains spoilers about the legend of Jason and the Argonauts.

Bruce, you’re toying with forces you don’t understand - any more thread necromancy and you’ll surely rip open the veil between the living and the dead!

People should listen to these old podcasts - they’re good!

I guess Liquid Entertainment is no longer making games? Paper Galaxy was their penultimate release. Did Tom Chick’s review kill Liquid?

From Wikipedia:

Ugh. I should have given it an 80%? :(