Qt3 Games Podcast: Titanfall


Tom Chick, Nick Diamon, Rob Harvey, and Jason McMaster assemble to discuss Titanfall. Is it just Call of Duty with mechs? What makes it stand out among multiplayer shooters? Will these bipedal tanks have legs?

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As someone who is equally competent with both M/KB and controllers with FPS, I have to say using the controller on the PC SKU works extremely well. I was very leery of using a controller against M/KB, and in any other game I've tried this on I've gotten stomped. However, Titanfall balances this out with decent auto-aim to compensate for M/KB accuracy. I put about 5 hours in on M/KB, and 5 hours in using the controller. I've found my scores to be almost the exact same regardless of which I use.

So, now I play exclusively on my nice big TV with surround on the comfy couch and it's fantastic.


To quote the post before mine, by FlyingJ: "I was very leery of using a controller against M/KB, and in any other
game I've tried this on I've gotten stomped. However, Titanfall balances
this out with decent auto-aim to compensate for M/KB accuracy."

You prefer the game aiming for you? Might as well watch a movie if you're just going to sit on your couch twiddling your thumbs.


I'm having a pretty decent time with a controller as well on the PC. Better graphics, 5.1 sound, and a comfy couch. I'm sure I'd be more prepared with the M/KB, but I'm far too casual for all that.


Age must be really weighing on Tom lately. He's starting to play games that leave skill at the door in favor of flashing lights and comfortable couch-sitting entertainment. I don't know Tom, maybe you should just give up PC gaming altogether, age is really distorting your perspective on what makes a good game.


Wow, that little improve performance bitching about people bitching on the internet was hilarious Tom. That exaggerated tantrum really made me realise that there are people on the internet who enter the first thing coming into their mind, not having a second thought if that might seem silly to other people. Fortunately theres no 50somethings doing that same thing on their podcasts, making other people stop listening to it. Really, grow up a little and find something meaningful in your life old man. You have become boring and ludicrous. And its a shame, because this podcast was once one of the greatest things on the net.


wtf , my game of the week was Heavy Gear 2 . Did you know if you play it on Chirstmas the robots all wear red Christmas hats? True story.


Son, just don't.


So the one thing that would give me pause about playing this with a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse -- I've played both ways -- is the critical hit system. When you attack a titan, bits of it are lit up red. If you aim at these, you get a "critical hit", which does extra damage. I find it's much easier to focus on these with a mouse.


Unfortunately i agree. Ive been listening since the system shock episode and its a shame that it turned into a boys club with bad jokes. There is less and less to come back to. No effort to engage in an interesting conversation its like listening in on some frat boys that couldnt care less. No reason to insult the mans life or age though.


"You dress like a tart, you're gonna get blasted in the alleyway." What?


When was the system shock episode?

I dunno what podcasts you're listening to, but it's how most podcasts work. And these guys actually do discuss some pretty interesting things from what I've heard. It's not like they're just trying to be funny all the time, although I haven't listened to this one yet. Also, tomchick does interview episodes that you might like more.


I'm kinda bummed both this and the recent Mechwarrior are multiplayer only. Not so much for story but because I prefer to blow up stuff in canned content, dabble in multiplayer, then move on. I'm sure the Titanfall-verse will be fleshed out in novelizations.


The robot would definitely attracted players


Tom , where did you get the Xbox 360 Titanfall screenshot from? Its not out yet!


Hey Tom!
Why dont you try to record a couple of lets plays? Your already good at entertaining an audience by yourself, as evident by the indtroductions to the podcast. I can imagine that watching you play a couple games (especially something like titanfall) is great fun, also, it would be only fair, after having listened to you talk about it for so long.

Id be delighted if youd consider the idea, and if you need help with the setup, let me know. Although i assume you have enough geeks at the ready to help you out. :=)



That's very kind of you, Jess, but part of the problem is indeed technical. I know McMaster has been doing some livestreaming, so maybe I'll press him into service to help me figure it out. The other issue is that the type of "let's play" I'd be interested in doing would be more instructional than entertaining. Stuff for strategy and board games, for instance. But I definitely appreciate the sentiment and I can only hold out for so long before being dragged into some sort of video media. :)


I thought I hadn’t heard this episode, but when I got to the part that @Dave_Perkins mentioned, I remembered that oh yes I had.

So, did the Titanfall franchise indeed take the world by storm? You guys should do follow-ups about your predictions.