Qt3 Games Podcast: virtual Cortez

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: virtual Cortez
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When February 2, 2012

This week Matt Nute joins us and explains how he might not be eligible to join the VFW, but he is kind of a conquistador. It's complicated. We also talk JRPGs, which at least two people on the podcast are qualified to do..

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Heroes VI has offline mode and can be played without internet connection

At this point it is too little too late. I haven't bought an Ubisoft title for at least two years, and I am a big fan of HOMM and Anno. Its a shame but they are one of the worst when it comes to overly restrictive DRM.
When there are so many other options out there, like Good Old Games (gog.com), and Steam, D2D, etc, I refuse to support the people who are going in the wrong direction with DRM.
I don't know if that makes a difference in the long run but it does mean I never have to put up with limited activations or being booted out of game b/c my wireless had a hiccup.

Great show!

Fair enough ,but I'm only saying that Heroes does not have always on DRM and you will be able to play it when Ubi's servers go down.

But I'm really annoyed when Ubisoft get all the hate and companies like Blizzard or Valve get away with it.
Why people don't cry about Starcraft II?Or Steam?It is basically the same,just in a little better wrapping.But in the end if these companies go down-your games go with them.

I particularly enjoyed the explanation of 'dry counties' at the start of this episode. I've been watching Justified and that's been confusing the hell out of me.

'But...but...I thought prohibition ended?'

Next week's episode sounds awesome. I'll definitely tune in.

Final Fantasy 6 was rereleased for the GBA, and is very representative of the series, plus it's a fan favorite. If someone doesn't like part 6, they're probably not going to like Final Fatnasy. It becomes non-linear in the second half. There's also an earlier rerelease for the PS1, it should be on PSN, but I think you would have to hack your PSP to get that working.

In that case, Ruskov, I'm confused. How is HOMM6's offline mode different from Anno 2070's offline mode, which flat-out doesn't work because you still need to log in to your account?

Ubisoft's status update says, quite simply, the game will not be playable during the transition, but it does have a note at the bottom of the page stating that offline modes will not be affected.


I guess I'm glad that some of Ubisoft's game actually have a working offline mode. Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

When I was in college, the scuttlebutt was that if you were caught transporting a certain amount of alcohol into the county, you could be arrested for bootlegging. Bootlegging! How awesome would that be? To have a bootlegging charge on your rap sheet?

Right, with missing content, the persistent progression stuff removed — I think that's a terrible direction for the series anyway, but still, you're playing an incomplete version of the game. More critically, save games are locked down. If you are offline, you cannot load games saved while online. This is insane.

Yes Anon is right,you can't use saved games that are on Ubi's server,but I try today and stopped my Internet connection and was able to play the game just fine(campaign maps and custom ones).Do not know what offline mode Anno 2070 have,but I made research on Heroes VI very carefully to be sure it does not have always on DRM.

I think Jason sells Dragon Quest IX on the DS a little short. Mechanics-wise, I found a lot more to do in DQ9 than DQ8, but the story in DQ9 is generic and forgettable.

That would be great. I would but that on my business card. 'Staff writer. Ex-bootlegger.'

The need for online guides and online discussions have always been a facet of JRPG's that can be a huge turn off (FF12 is no exception). There is a significant lack of hand holding which may lead to player frustration and tedious, wayward wandering. I think that's what made the online component of demon souls such a revelation, a way around all that stuff was built into the game to a
certain extent.

Also if you wanted to get the best weapons or find the coolest and most challenging boss fights you will need to look at guide or something. Although, as the game has been out a while that should be much easier then for FXIII-2.

FFXII is different to any other in the series. It is part MMO, part tactical squad-based RPG and part star wars. For me there were two things the game did that really made me really fall in love it: the way it streamlined the grinding and hunting extra bosses which often lead to exploration of new places and in some cases dramatic changes to the landscape.

I don't know if i will get FXIII-2, it sounds great in some respect, it's just...well i don't know if I can put up with that style story and characters anymore, it's not as bad as star ocean 4 but it's still above acceptable limits for me :)

Into the Google...really? Is that thing they use there on the internets?

I really enjoyed the Minecraft discussion this week! Matt, I wanted to let you know what to do with your XP. You can create an Enchanting Table (http://www.minecraftwiki.net/w... and use your XP levels to "purchase" equipment enchantments. These tables are most effective when you surround them with bookshelves... give it a try and enjoy the new addictive element it introduces to the game!