Qt3 Games Podcast: we, you?

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: we, you?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When September 13, 2012

Nintendo announces the new controller for Bayonetta 2! We're excited! You? Plus some enthusing and naysaying about FTL, followed by more inability to not talk about Guild Wars 2..

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Having your experience bar continue to fill up and give rewards after you hit the level cap is genius. I'm not sure if anyone else thought of this first, but I'm the kind of guy who gets discouraged once I hit the "cap" or "finish" the story. Not sure why, maybe it's psychological, but I like to have a tape measure next to my goals. But yeah, same dilemma at the moment: charrzooka or whirlwind for my elementalist. Where's my loaded coin?

Concerning the level cap, Guild Wars 1 is similar. After reaching the maximum level, additional experience earns skill points which are spent on items and skills for AI-controlled party members.

As for the unofficial Guild Wars 2 podcast, you guys can keep up the Guild Wars talk for as long as you like.

Ha ha, I must admit I laughed at the Bayonetta controller comment.

They're going to be doing 2 gamepads eventually, or at least that's the plan. Bandwidth limitations means the framerate is cut in half when streaming to two gamepads though.

If I were to get a new console with my PC it'd definitely be a Wii U for the exclusives, but the price is far too high imo(at least if the European conversion is done the way it historically has been). Now there's two Platinum exclusives in addition to the usual Nintendo fare(which has been getting less appealing year over year apart from Retro's output). The Wonderful 101 is directed by Hideki Kamiya — Bayonetta's director — btw...

Oh, and Nintendo left a few major questions unanswered. Will there be an account system for indefinite digital purchases like Steam, or will they use the archaic tie-to-hardware model? Will it be region locked(probably, but still)? Those are two major factors for me at least.

The price is very off-putting to me. I'm looking forward to seeing it, but it just isn't that exciting to me. I hope they pull it off, but I have my reservations.

Yeah, the fact that it's barely an XBox, but with a tablet thing, for double the price? No thank you. I especially love how Microsoft trumped them out of the gate with their "Smartglass" announcement. While there are useful gameplay potentials in that WiiU controller, if I can do the same thing on my Xbox with an iPad or smartphone I already have? Yeah, I'll pay $300 for new hardware that will be Dreamcasted less than a year later. They should have had a Zelda. Or at least a Metroid.

On the subject of the "Apple Console" comments by Jason, I do have to wonder if we're not far off from this. How about an Apple TV (version 4) that let's you play your iPad games (with your iPad as a controller), ala AirPlay, but faster (through the Apple TV rather than through the wireless between the devices). Add in an app for Steam, a large enough hard drive to house this stuff, and a way to connect a wireless gamepad and I think you have a legitimate contender in the console/home-gaming-pc market.

I suppose it would probably be more like a Mac Mini than an Apple TV if it were to play games from Steam. Still, if it had the Apple TV interface and the iPad apps, it would be pretty hard to deny its relevance. Even at $700-$800 I wouldn't mind that device right now.

Xbox Live Gold is ridiculous however, and adds a huge amount to the actual cost over time.