Qt3 Games Podcast: World War Z, Rage 2, Dark Future

It’s an apocalypse trifecta!

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So exciting to wake up Friday morning and see this available for my morning commute!

The way you describe World War Z sounds a lot like Earth Defense Force 5, what with the classes, third person, massive amounts of enemies and the radar. And that’s a good thing for me.

Ah, good call, Arioch. There’s a lot of the same appeal. It didn’t occur to me because World War Z has a bunch of polish where the EDF games embraced their charming clunkiness. But, yes, very similar!


Dark Future was created with Unreal 4, not Unity.

Yikes, you’re totally right. That was quite the mistake on my part. Apologies to Dark Future!


Good podcast! Tom’s summary of what to expect from Total War 3 Kingdoms sorta took the wind out of my sails in regards to planning on buying it this week.

3 unit type rock paper scissors does sound boring after the fantasy and chaos of the warhammer total wars.

Can’t wait for WWz to hit Steam, its gonna happen, I am gonna wait for it!

The downside to the grinding and unlocking in those games is that you’re out in the cold if you put the game down and fall behind the power curve. I took 2 months off from Vermintide 2 shortly after release and when I came back the easy difficulty scene was dead and all the higher difficulty parties kicked me as a liability.