Qt3 Games Podcast: yeah, but what about the badger?

The honorable Nick Diamon presides over a legal battle among animals in Tooth and Tail. Then Tom Chick and Jason McMaster get to lord over him the fact that they’re playing Destiny 2 while he’s faffing about in some Bethesda MMO.
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Is playing a FPS at under 60fps really playing it, though?

How do they know that “something cool is gonna happen in four minutes!” That would break the immersion for me because it seems like foreknowledge.

Why would a guy in Morrowwind be immortal just because he lives 800 years? Didn’t Aragorn live like 10,000 years? You are apply current human physiology to ancient events. This is called anachronism.

Immortal in the Highlander sense of the word?

Aragorn was only 200 when he died. Not even Elros half-elven, Elrond’s brother, lived past 500. I think you can reasonably extrapolate that if someone has a life span of 800 it is likely they are, in fact, immortal.