Qt3 Gathering at GDC

Who’s coming to GDC?

The past couple of years, we’ve done a restaurant thing. This year, I’m thinking about hosting the gathering at my place. The upsides:

  • Anyone inclined can play games on the LAN in my basement.

  • More relaxed atmosphere than a restaurant.

  • Cheaper. I’ll provide food (probably a large pot of spaghetti); just BYOB.


  • My place is about a 15 minute drive from the San Jose Convention Center, so it’s not walking distance.

Let me know what y’all think. We can still do a dinner thing, depending on who’s around and when.

Who’s coming to GDC?

If nothing goes wrong I’ll attend this year. Doesn’t matter if it’s your place or some restaurant - I’d definitely be up for a Qt3 meeting either way. :)


I’ll be around. Would love to get together with Qt3 folks, although that was the case last year at E3 as well, and I managed to miss that one.


The odds of my going a 15 minute drive away from GDC are basically nil.

Why don’t we just meet at the Fairmont bar, the traditional gathering place of our kind?

We can certainly do that. I was just trying to gauge interest.

I can shuttle some of you carless Qt3ers over to Case’s house from the GDC.

You’ve all played Crazy Taxi, right?

Thread revival ahead:

Day, time and location … suggestions, anyone?


I vote Wednesday or Thursday night. And if we’re driving somewhere in Sparky’s car…shotgun!


Tom, was that a joke or are you going to be around in San Jose? Because I thought you won’t.

Either way, both, Wednesday or Thursday would work for me.


He is. And if you have an extra laptop, Tom wants to borrow it while at GDC.

I’m in. Wednesday night is the same as the awards, right? Thursday would be best for me.

Thursday’s fine.

One suggestion earlier was the bar at the Fairmont, which is fine, but likely to be pretty crowded. There’s also a pizza place right next to the convention center (the name escapes me now).

Loyd Case

If I didn’t have surgery a week ago, I’d be all over GDC. I’ve been three times and love it!

I’d love to meet some people. Any day is good, because I’m equally busy at all times.

Well, I guess Thursday works for most of us then. And maybe Loyd found out the name of the pizza spt by then. ;) (Never been to the Fairmont bar before so I wouldn’t know if it really is that crowded.)


Thursday’s fine with me, too.

OK, how about Thursday at 6:30

Place: House of Pizza

If you go out the north side of the convention center (that’s the Hilton end). You should be on Almaden.

Take a left and start walking towards Interstate 280.

House of Pizza is about 1.5 - 2 blocks. 527 S. Almaden Ave.

Count me in.

I’ll try to stop by, too.

I’ll be there with bells on. Well, okay, maybe not with bells on.