Qt3 Gathering at GDC

I’m sure Sparky can provide bells.

In fact, now I require her to.


…the bells, bells, bells,bells,
Bells, bells, bells
In the clamor and the clangor of the bells!

Oddly enough, I have all manner of spikes, glitter, feathers, rhinestones, googly eyes, skulls, pom-poms, and glowing LEDs, but…no bells.

I will, however, wear my Accordion Hero t-shirt.

Oh, wow, are you bringing any extras we can buy ;-)

Bah, the year I can’t go…

So, do you have to be a GDC attendee to participate in this Qt3 gathering? The thought of meeting some forum denizens is tempting.

I’m looking at Case right now but he doesn’t see me. If I can touch him without him bolting, I will have truly achieved the way of the hunter.

(Also, much to your collective dismay, I am leaving tonight. No gathering for me!)

Nope. Drop by if you’re around. It’s away from the GDC site, so no badge needed!

Thanks. Don’t know if I can make it, but it sounds like you’re cool with showing up unanounced, so I might swing by after work. “Accordion Hero” t-shirt availability would make it a near 100% probability, of course.


No one had a camera while I was in attendance, but at its height, we had 11 people there.

Here’s an artist’s rendition of us sitting at the tables eating pizza.

         OO           OO              OO
         OO           OO              OO
       OOOOOO       OOOOOO          OOOOOO
         OO           OO              OO
         OO           OO              OO
        O  O         O  O            O  O
        O  O         O  O            O  O
  OO          XXXXXX                  XXXXXX           OO
  OO        XX      XX              XX      XX       OOOOOO
OOOOOO     X          X            X          X        OO
  OO      X            X          X            X       OO
  OO      X            X          X            X      O  O
 O  O    X              X        X              X     O  O
 O  O    X              X        X              X
         X              X        X              X      OO
         X              X        X              X      OO
         X              X        X              X    OOOOOO
  OO      X            X          X            X       OO
  OO      X            X          X            X       OO
OOOOOO     X          X            X          X       O  O
  OO        XX      XX              XX      XX        O  O
  OO          XXXXXX                  XXXXXX
 O  O                  OO                     OO
 O  O      OO          OO         OO          OO
           OO        OOOOOO       OO        OOOOOO
         OOOOOO        OO       OOOOOO        OO
           OO          OO         OO          OO
           OO         O  O        OO         O  O
          O  O        O  O       O  O        O  O
          O  O                   O  O

Was The Entity there? That creepy yellow doll still haunts my dreams.


Didn’t see, hear or experience the Entity. There were about ten of us there.

Sparky and Lars were there, as was Tom Chick, Richard Green (Yahoo’s Video Games EIC), John Keefer (Gamespy’s EIC), and others whose name escapes my tired been-at-GDC-all-week memory.

It was a good time, only partially marred by some of the worst pizza I’ve had in some time. I apologize for that. Next year, GDC is in SF, and I know a great, family style Italian restuarant not far from Moscone. That should make up for this year’s venue.

BTW, Tom was gushing about GDC. I was pretty surprised to learn that it was his first one. (Number eleven for me.) Money quote from Tom: “This is the show E3 should be!”

Bucca de Beppo, Case?

No fair – Peter made me look really fat in that picture.

Troy, the Entity did not attend…unfortunately, his head fell off and I have not been able to sufficiently reattach it.

I didn’t realize Buca di Beppo was a chain. Might want to reserve the pope’s table a year in advance if that’s indeed the place you’re thinking.



Yeah…unlike his creator, Cleve Blakemore, The Entity does not have an inviolable titanium endoskeleton.

I’m sorry I missed it – I already had dinner plans for that night. I’ll get to one of these qt3 get-togethers one of these days.

I like GDC a lot, but was a little disappointed in this year’s. It was good, but seemed a little less meaty than in years past in every regard, from the sessions to the expo.

Yeah, I’m bummed I didn’t have a chance to make it to GDC this time around–I’ll have to sneak down there next year or something. Maybe I can even get Sparky to sign my copy of TCFH, you know, if it’s cough out by then…

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