Qt3 GDC07 get-together

QT3ers visiting GDC '07 (or just living in the bay area) got together at Chevy’s last night.

I said I’d put the photos up, and put them up I have: http://www.flickr.com/photos/67084695@N00/sets/72157594579175130/

Needs more names associated with faces. PS: Boy that’s a lot of old people.

Yeah, I don’t know who everyone there is, so I figured I would leave it up to people where were there to describe who they are in which photo (which are conveniently numbered!). I’m in the red shirt in the middle of the table. The left one in picture 002. The girl in the right in mid-chew on picture 001 is Annie, my girlfriend, caught in a terribly un-attractive moment (Haw haw!). Next to her with the super-bright red hair is Sparky, next to Sparky is Lars.

That’s all you know? Come on!

Awesome, Case is there.

I took the pictures, so I’m not in any of them. (sniff)

P.S. I’m old too.

damnit. If I’d know about this, I would have shown up.

I’m on the front left with my eyes closed in the first picture.
Which is lovely.

Had a great time meeting everyone and hanging out!

That’s me, first on the right in the first picture. Thanks for posting these, Dean! Had a great time.


Updated to include annotations on who is who! yay!

I’m missing a few people still, because my memory for names is about as bas as…uh…my uh… analogies. So if you’re un-annotated, post here and say “that one is me!” and I’ll update it.

In one of the shots, you have Jim Preston ID’d as Andrew Mayer. Andrew is correctly identified in another shot.

Whoops! Fixed.

Yeah, seconded… except not, because I had a bad case of Airplane Flu the entire show. I bet half my interviews thought I was a cokehead.

Thank god there’s a box around my head identifying me by name in what could quite possibly be the worst picture of me ever taken.

That’s Troy sitting directly to Case’s left.

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