Qt3 (google) search plugin for Firefox?

After reading frequently that using the Qt3 search function bogs down the server and wanting to avoid the 60sec delay between searches, I’ve used the “site:www.quartertothree.com” approach in google.

Now I was wondering if its possible to create a search bar shortcut in Firefox that I could use, instead of having to type in “site:www.quartertothree.com” every single time. I tried the usual approach when adding custom search engines via mycroft.mozdev.org, but didn’t have any luck there. Maybe I wasn’t looking properly though…

Any tips?

A small tip to tide you over until a more knowledgeable person comes along:

Just “site:quartertothree.com” works with Google, the “www.” is not necessary.

hehe… Thanks, every little bit helps!

If you click the search dropdown at the top of your screen, you’ll see that we have a google search form right there.

aah :)

Guess, I’m a bit blind sometimes! However the search bar thing would be useful to have as well. Also, does anyone know of any commands to customize the google search to only scan thread titles?

It’s worth noting that the Google search embedded in the Qt3 menu bar does not produce results identical to the ones you get with the OP method. For example, searching for “final cut” (with the quotes) gets 27 relevant hits with the embedded search and 104 with the other one. For “silverado” the numbers are 8 and 28.