QT3 Groupthink T-Shirts - The Perfect Apparel for E3!


Join the collective! Advertise your lowing along with the Internet’s premiere groupthink community of hateful social outcasts with overexaggerated self-worth! Enigmatic yet daring, revel in emblazoning yourself with a 14 dollar in-joke that proudly trumps your status as yet another cog in the Big Brother conformity of Quarter to Three. Like Booster Gold’s power armor, you will feel the hate just surging through your veins after you take this crumpled beauty out of the dirty clothes hamper in the morning and shrug it on to your gelatinous gamer’s torso. JOIN THE QT3 GROUPTHINK.

The caveats: I haven’t got my hands on one of these yet, so I suppose they could end up looking crappier in real life than they currently do, but I think we’re pretty safe. This is sort of an independent project of mine and has not garnered the consent of The Entity, but I can’t imagine they’d mind… if they do, I’ll quit it. Retail price is the base price of the item - I’m not making any margin on them, in other words. I can make any other items you might want lickety-split. Also, I will mail Jobe, Koontz and Trixie a free one if they PM me their real life addresses and their sizes.



Edit 1:

For those mopey disestablishmentarianists among us, there’s now a FIGHT THE QT3 GROUPTHINK shirt up there as well:




Edit 2:

I subtly altered the design of the two shirts which some people on the IRC channel like and some don’t. So there’s now two versions of each shirt up there, one with the phpbb2 box and one without. These are the modified versions:

$30 Au !?!

… well, maybe it’s worth it if I get more respect (, by far.)

Where’d that freaky head come from, anyway?

I like the Koontz.

Why would I buy one of those when I can print out the images on my office’s color printer, lick them, and hold them to my flesh until a ghostly toner tattoo adheres?

Alright, got a few orders in! Hey, a warning: if you were trying to buy the “Join” t-shirt in the gray variety, I actually replaced that product with the “Fight” one. So check your order and make sure you’re getting the one you want - if not, cancel the order, and try ordering again - I’ve organized everything much more efficiently and made sure each shirt is available in both grey and white now.


Nice work Derek. Where did you learn all your photoshop skills?

Being unemployed gives you lots of time to teach yourself how to goof off creatively.

Those images were all made using the open-source projects The GIMP or Inkscape. No Adobe products were harmed during the making of this post.

Can I get one that would say, “Join the Qt3 Stormbender’s Rules Lawyers Cabal.” on the front and “Beaching about min/maxing Dom2 catasses -
Standart Qt3 behaviour since 2003” on the back?

Seriously, though, can you make case badges, Professor?

I’m still waiting for the QT3, ‘Fuck Star Wars’ T-Shirts.

I was poking around at Staples a long time back and saw one of those $50 “make your own laminated badges” kits on the bargain table. In retrospect, I should have picked it up – I’m sure I could find a way to have $50 of fun with it. You find the strangest things at Staples… (Incidentally, I scored a couple of $5 copies of Railroad Tycoon Gold from the bargain table to use as gifts.)

  • Alan

Can you make a shirt that says “I’m pretty close to the least respected thinker on this forum” shirt. maybe a “McMaster!” on the back?

I was at Staples last week, in the aisle labeled “peripherials”. Yes, they mispelled the sign.

What we need is a SHIT BONERZ!! T-shirt

I might actually buy one of those, but I don’t think I’d have the balls to wear it.

Except maybe to D&D.

I might actually buy one of those, but I don’t think I’d have the balls to wear it.

Except maybe to D&D.[/quote]

Ouch, Dean. That hurts.

Action shots. Kinda.

Those eyes! Staring! Probing! Aaaaugh!

A close-up on the logo to show the high quality of yet another fine product from cafepress.com.

Now if only I could get that on a thong…

Are the photos washed out? The colors seems kinda light.