Qt3 Guild on Arathor thread

I thought I would make a thread specifically for members of the WoW Qt3 guild on Arathor (Horde). Please keep general WoW discussion about class balance, loot, nerfs, Blizzard, etc. on the other appropriate threads.

Once again, please only use this thread for guild issues such as:

  • scheduling dungeon runs / quests with fellow guildies
  • organizing trades and profession stuff
  • discussing the addition of new members or (god forbid) removing problem members

…that sort of thing.

Okay for the first post of the thread, info on how to update your Guild Roster info. The Guild Roster is at: http://www.damodred.net/wroster4

Please update your profile regularly, so we all can easily look up the members’ trade skills, classes, levels, etc.

  1. Download Character Profiler and install it to your WoW Add-ons.
  2. Start up WoW and open your character sheet, open each profession (and let it sit for a few seconds), and open your bank and bags. You don’t need to leave them all open, just open and close after a few seconds so that CP can scan them.
  3. Open your character sheet and press the “Save” button up top. You should get messages about what stuff CP has saved and what it hasn’t scanned. You can upload your profile with an incomplete scan, it works, if you’re in a hurry and can’t get to your bank or whatever.
  4. Go to the Update Profile page and upload the CharacterProfiler.lua file. Many people get confused at this step because the .lua file you’re looking for is not the one in the \Interface\AddOns\CharacterProfiler directory. The .lua file you want to upload is in the \WTF\Account\Name\SavedVariables directory.

Currently the Roster does not support the new races, the bars don’t go up to 70 or skills to 375 (though the numbers will be correct), and Jewelcrafting doesn’t show up. There is a 1.7.3 beta version of WoWRoster that fixes all that, but the beta breaks compatibility with final version upgrades so we’re holding off on the upgrade just a bit.

Oh, and if you’re in the guild and you’re not even listed on the page, you can’t upload your .lua file. I need to upload mine with the master guild list to get new members listed, so just let me know and I’ll do that.

If you have a Horde character on Arathor and are not in the guild, just do a “/who quarter” to find someone on and ask for an invite. Almost everyone in the guild has invite privileges.

I use wowreader from wow.allakhazam.com to automagically track my profile. I ocasionally fire it up and click “upload” and I’m good.


That’s great and all, but it doesn’t help update the guild page, and you don’t get guild-wide listings of things like professions and quests and such.

Oh, another note to prospective guildies - I’m told that Arathor is now open to character creation. If you made a new character on a feed server for transfer, you might want to try just making it straight on Arathor rather than waiting.

Athryn wonders why you guys have yet another thread for Arathor.

By the way, I made a character on this server last night, an extremely effeminate-looking Blood Elf named Gadzooks. He’s level 6 and ready to take take on 25 men. I mean, 25-man raids.

Jason, two suggestions:

  1. Change your location :)
  2. Go to Guildportal and get a free guild website as an adjunct to your guild roster page. That was one of the ways that Drop Bears expanded outside of QT3 players.
  1. I didn’t set up the guild page. Marcin did. I don’t think he plays anymore, but it’s his show.

  2. I’m not sure we want to expand beyond Qt3 members and their RL friends/family. Right now, none of us are looking for a guild that can regularly fill out 25-man raids, we just want to play with our friends.

Steve - I’ll send you a guild invite if you’re not in by the time I’m on.

Fair enough. You’ll still want to change your location field to reflect the move to Arathor :)

I don’t think my esteemed sibling was suggesting that you were planning on running 25 man raid content. When we started out on Moonrunner, we didn’t actively go out and recruit non-QT3 people, they came to us because they played with us and liked us, and we liked them.

Having a Guildportal site means that you can have an event calendar and your own message boards and such without having to have your members search through all the other posts here just for this one thread.

Just a friendly suggestion. :)

I am totally buried at work and with other stuff through the end of the weekend, but after that I am back into HFP in a big way. Save me a spot in your Hellfire runs if you aren’t all 70 already by the time I get back.

I don’t play, but I host a roster for some friends anyway, so when I run updates for them it’s negligible additional effort to upgrade two rosters rather than one.

If you want a forum+calendar I can probably swing that too.

Hopefully soon we can just migrate to www.rupture.com, which has an auto-stat-tracker-uploader thingy, nice layout, forums, blah blah blah. Unfortunately you can only get an account by getting an invite from another member right now. :(

If anyone knows someone with a Rupture invite to give out, put 'em in touch with me and we can all guinea pig it together.

I made a BloodElf on Arathor, named Griyr; I’d love to join the guild if you guys will have me.

Bumping this thread, since it is useful to folks who want to update their character profiles.

Also, if anyone has a neglected Horde toon on any other server, the QT3 guild on Arathor is pretty active these days and we would welcome you.

We would ESPECIALLY welcome any high level (58+) healilng classes of any type :0.

And enchanters. Man, we got no enchanters, and I think we’re all loaded down with some cool greens and stuff that are pretty expensive to even try to auction. I’d love to have someone disenchant my bag full of “trash” greens.

Healers. Pshh.

Urthsin is a >300 level enchanter, and I would imagine he’d be happy to break stuff and mail the bits back, although if you guys inundate his inbox he’s probably going to kill me.

Piemax – as far as we’re concerned, any Qt3 poster or lurker is more than welcome. Send us a /tell in game and we’ll send you a guild invite. I have characters at various levels (1, 15, 35, and 61) so I’m happy to adventure with folks in different level ranges.

So I just created a BE Priest on Arathor named “Ondoria” (couldn’t fit Maria Ondore IV), so if anyone is starting a new BE character and looking to group, post here. In the meantime, I’m going to play my BE Warlock on Arygos.

I did successfully move my 32 undead priest over. Not much help now, but in a few weeks, he could attain total enlightenment. So, we got that going for us.

I have a BE priest, Mezron, who is 16 at the moment. He should hit 60 sometime after President Obama is impeached for accidentally starting World War IV.

In the meantime, happy to group with anyone in the range, and heal WC/RFC runs and whatnot. Mezron is also an enchanter, current skill about 90, so won’t be able to nuke the high level stuff for quite some time.