Qt3 Has Gone Google AdSense?

In the last couple of days I’ve noticed that the ad banner at the top of the forums has been replaced by a simple Google AdSense driven text banner. This might have happened awhile ago, but I may not have noticed. Sometimes I can be pretty clueless.

Kudos. I far prefer the targetted Google text ads to the frequently annoying and occasionally borderline NSFW pics that used to flash (ha ha!) by.

And yes, I use Firefox with AdBlock Plus, but I’ve whitelisted Qt3 because I figure I get a ton of enjoyment from this place and The Entity deserves whatever revenue my impressions and occasional clickthroughs bring. I hope others using similar ad blocking methods will reconsider their use here now that the ads are so unobtrusive and actually almost relevant…

yes, chets had google stuff in rotatin for a while. i really dig them.

I just wish I knew why it hits me with ads for self defence and pepperspray.

I like the Google ads a lot better too. Definitely beats the OLD PEOPLE LOOKING FOR CHRISTIAN LOVE? ads that were in rotation for awhile.