QT3 Hivemind: How to spend $30-40USD for PC

Okay, it’s between:

WoW Legion
Fortnite Early Access
Prey 2017
Watch_Dogs 2
Put down half towards Destiny 2 PC or PS4
Put down half towards Persona 5 PS4


Which and why?

I guess this particular drone would go with Prey, just based on its pedigree and the general favorable opinions I’ve seen around the internet. But I haven’t played any of the four on your list so maybe I’m not the best judge.

Edit: hey you changed your list! But I’d still say Prey.

Prey; because it’s a great atmospheric single player slow-paced explorey game. Old school PC game with modern sensibilities.

But then you added Persona 5… which is pretty special if you like JRPG. Destiny 2, I’m waiting for PC port reviews.

I am open to other suggestions as well if QT3 wishes to add new and exciting options. Voting ends in four hours!

Have you played Dishonored 2? I’d rather play that than Prey.

It’s kind of hard to really give good advice here, because of how different each of the games on your initial list are and several of them don’t appeal to me (anything multiplayer focused, like WoW, Fortnite, or Destiny 2 for instance).

If you are looking for a multiplayer experience, I can’t help you. Everyone seems to really love Playerunknown’s Battleground.

If you are looking for a single player adventure, of your list Prey was a lot of fun, if you enjoyed stuff like BioShock or System Shock 2 in particular there are shades of all those games, and a good helping of Deus Ex thrown in for good measure.

@divedivedive makes a great point as well, Dishonored 2 might be better than Prey 2017 and it has more content coming soon, as well.

I already own it.

…PLAY? What is this PLAY verb you refer to?

Which one has the most GFX options in settings I can set to Max and never play again?

Of those on your list? Prey 2017.

None of the above?

Honestly, if you have to ask this question, then you’re obviously not fired up and raring to play any of these.

And if you’re in the mood to take a flyer on something that looks cool but you’re not feeling a burning need to play right now, then there’s no reason to spend $30-40. Grab something a year old right now for $10-15, and then do the same for one of these when it hits the same price in the holiday sale. I get buying brand new releases so you can be part of the hype and the conversation, and I get waiting for 75% discounts to maximize your value, but buying in the $30-40 range seems like the worst of both worlds to me.

Rainbow Six Siege is also $30 CAD and you get $30 instore credit if bought from Ubi but I already have it.

I probably won’t have time to play anything before I head off to PAX next week in all honesty. Some of these items are on sale hence the poll.

Let me ask you this, do you own Dishonored 2 but haven’t played it yet? Move that closer to the top of your back log.

If you are looking to buy something because it’s on sale, I’d aim for stuff you will definitely play later that isn’t going to be on sale much in the future. Prey will almost surely go on sale again around the holidays, as will Watch_Dogs 2, for example.

Prey has a PC demo - it’s on sale to the 30th so you’ve got time to play that and see if you want to pick it up. (hint: you will want to get it after you play the demo).

Only game of 2017 you need.

Prey is my favourite game of the year, and looking at what’s still unreleased it’s hard to see that changing. I’ve never seen an environment in a game that’s so lovingly crafted and dense with meaningful detail. Traversing the environments and finding all the secrets was so much fun. The story is satisfying both in the large and the small (especially tracing the story arcs of dozens of NPCs, trying to live their lives in the middle of the most cynical corporate politics imaginable).

I was talking about Prey to a very sceptical friend, and at some point they interrupted my glowing praise and asked “what would you say if you tried to convince me not to play this game”. And the only thing I could come up with was that the game lasts a bit too long; at the point where you feel the game should be ending, there’s one final plot twist that kind of resets things and forces you to do stuff all around the station, but you’ve already seen all the best bits. It’s just a couple of hours, but still a bummer to have the weakest section of the game just before the final climax.

(My friend ended up buying the game, and also thought it was fantastic. After he finished, we chatted for a couple of hours about all the cool stuff we did/didn’t find).

This isn’t helpful but your list is wrong. Get Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds instead.

Prey. Because great game.

I also vote Prey, because I want to play it but have too many other games started. So I wish to live vicariously through you.

So from your list, I take it you’ve already played through the entirety of Agents of Mayhem?


Oh snap