QT3 hobby desk thread

No pics to post but I finally got some painting done.

Painted Computer tokens for Nemesis.
Painted Voidseeders
Painted Sabotage board game

To do:
Paint rest of Nemesis Aftermath and Carnomorphs
Paint Blood Rage
Paint Rising Sun

Warlord Games stuff? (Have you tried Chain of Command BTW? It’s quite a fun little system with a bit more of a “real” feel, for want of a better word and the campaign system is fun - a friend and I just played through a Normandy sequence of battles.

I spent the autumn painting some SPQR Romans and Gauls - next on the list is some Red Army.

Those train cars look super sweet!


I had a lot of issues with the Tru Color paint primer sticking. I read online about something obvious I should have thought about: using RC Car adhesion promoter as a kind of pre-primer, primer. I use it for painting the handrails on locomotives. They are so flexible getting paint to stick is a challenge.

Those are some really cool SPQR minis. I played it once with a friend, but we found out that with the new FAQ rules it’s not really playable with block units (which I have from Hail Caesar), which is a bummer. The starter box is an amazing value though, and I have considered picking it up.

As I’ve written before on this forum, I really like Warlords games balance between historical accuracy and fun. It makes their games appeal to both history buffs and Warhammer players.

Thanks - contrast paint helps immensely if you’ve got the artistic sense of a squirrel, like me…

Got a couple hours of hobby in today!

So I’ve managed to get back into miniature painting a little bit. It’s a halfway interesting story I think, but it’s a wall of text, so you can skip it if you wanna.

Digging up my old Hobby

I was following the YouTube channel Astartes, which is a fantastic semi-professional CGI series of little one and two-minute segments of a short story that somehow manages to convey everything that is great about the 40K setting without any text or dialog.

The guy who does that channel somehow managed to lose control of it for some time just about the date he was set to release a new segment. It was hacked, or an ex-girlfriend gave away the password to unsavory folks, or unspeakable forces from the bottom of humanity’s id took control of it; something or another.

I was looking to figure out what was going on so I did a YouTube search and listened to some folks talking about it; mostly while showing some 40K-themed video game or during a miniatures battle report.

YouTube gamely recorded my newfound interest in the 40K hobby and started to recommend a bunch of new channels to me, 90% of which I ignored.

BUT, one suggested a video on new ways to paint miniatures that caught my interest and I started watching… and then I was down the rabbit-hole.

See, I used to be MASSIVELY into the GW hobbies. I actually have a Golden Demon on a shelf down in the basement (best battle-scene, 1993). But I hung my toxic paints and razor-sharp Xacto knives away when my kids started to crawl around, and other than the occasional foray into nostalgia I haven’t done much in the last 25 years.

What piqued my interest this time around was watching a bunch of really interesting and generally very talented people on YouTube demonstrate all the new paints, new tools and new techniques. See, new models and new games wouldn’t have really done it, but new TECH… well, now you’re talking.

So I put a couple paint-related stuff on my XMas wish-list, and since I didn’t have much else on there, my wife bought them for me along with a copy of the new iteration of Necromunda.

Here’s the first round of new models, the Goliath gang from the Necromunda boxed set. They’re fairly drab-looking with muted colors that GW purists would scoff at, but I had a good time playing around with air-brushes, zenithal highlighting, contrast paints, textured paints, glazing media, and other crap that wasn’t on the radar neigh on three decades ago. They’re not quite done as I want to add a glow-effect to the plasma pistol, and one guy is inexplicably missing a gun. But overall I had a good time doing the “Blanchitsu” style, especially using low-viscosity oil washes and white spirits.

The second gang in the boxed set should lend themselves to a cleaner, brighter style, so I’m looking forward to that.

The other little project was a way to store and organize my paints. I went online and looked for a DIY solution and saw a few that would involve hundreds of hours of 3D-printing, but I found a laser-cut plywood solution for sale on Etsy or Ebay or something… and rather than buy it I chose to design and build my own. Pictured below is the second version of the thing – the first one wasn’t as rigid as I had figured. I need to cut a second one because one isn’t quite enough to hold all the paints I need it to.

Knowing what storage solutions like that cost pre-built, that’s awesome you’re able to make them yourself. That looks excellent.

Wow! Sweet paint rack!

That is an amazing storage solution for your paints. It’s quite impressive that you designed and made it. And the miniatures are cool too! I was in to that a while ago but I figured my eyesight wasn’t up to it (not to mention my hand-eye coordination). It’s great seeing what others in the community here have done.

This bad boy arrived today.

It’s already pre painted but a little drab for me. I think I’m going to repaint a bit, at least the top superstructure. I’ll space dirt it a bit.

Can’t wait to see. I’m so tempted to pick that up.

It’s mondo expensive, I bought it after some . . . ok a lot of. . bourbon on Friday. Was on sale $150 usually it’s $200. For a model. Ack! Likely the only thing I will buy for the game, but . . . I mean it kinda needs a Tie Fighter escort, doesn’t it? :)

It needs a ISD or two for an escort. The scale will be off, but it’ll be glorious. Plus, the ISDs come with a few squadrons of TIE Fighters!

Absolutely and maybe one ISD with victory just to be sure

But what about an Interdictor.

Sweet sweet curves.

Love that stopping power.

She has 6 firing arcs. 6!

I think a few micro machine scale ISDs will do the trick. :)

For display, you should really put a gray mat on your desk, cut a few inches off the front of the Super Star Destroyer, and place it vertically.