QT3 hobby desk thread

This bad boy arrived today.

It’s already pre painted but a little drab for me. I think I’m going to repaint a bit, at least the top superstructure. I’ll space dirt it a bit.

Can’t wait to see. I’m so tempted to pick that up.

It’s mondo expensive, I bought it after some . . . ok a lot of. . bourbon on Friday. Was on sale $150 usually it’s $200. For a model. Ack! Likely the only thing I will buy for the game, but . . . I mean it kinda needs a Tie Fighter escort, doesn’t it? :)

It needs a ISD or two for an escort. The scale will be off, but it’ll be glorious. Plus, the ISDs come with a few squadrons of TIE Fighters!

Absolutely and maybe one ISD with victory just to be sure

But what about an Interdictor.

Sweet sweet curves.

Love that stopping power.

She has 6 firing arcs. 6!

I think a few micro machine scale ISDs will do the trick. :)

For display, you should really put a gray mat on your desk, cut a few inches off the front of the Super Star Destroyer, and place it vertically.