QT3! Im trying to understand Galatic Civ! Help me!

I like it a lot so far, but so far it seems like I am not doing half of the stuff I should. Generally people are mad at me, I never seem to be able to make warships, and other races always laugh at me. Suggestions?

Read the messageboards and tutorials on the galciv site. I picked up a ton of tips there. Also, search back through this message board for previous galciv discussions. I would try to tell you my winning strategy but I haven’t played in a while so I don’t honestly remember much. The very early game is extremely important though I do know managing your economy in the first 10 turns and running in deficit is important to winning. I am sure I posted all of my tips in one of the earlier threads.

– Xaroc

Empire-wide morale is one of the important things that I didn’t figure out until I had played through a few games. It turns out that because of the way morale works, there’s a point of diminishing returns on trying to jack up the tax rate. Also, even though colony morale improvement buildings cost quite a lot of upkeep, they pay for themselves through improved productivity/tax income.

  • Alan

Yeah, keeping economy and morale up at the same time have been my problem. Also its hard to get an meaningful military off the ground and into orbit. Is this a mid-game thing or do scout ships count as military.

I just wanna be able to defend my two planets as I attempt to keep them from voting my party out of the senate and rebelling against their horribly inept leader ;)

You need more than two planets. Your first job at the start of any game is to get a few scouts out and be building colony ships. It’s a race for the yellow stars - that’s what all the AI players are doing. Colonize, then consolidate. After you have a few yellow star planets, start building constructors and build starbases over any resources you can find. Don’t be afraid to muck about with the allocation of resources between research/military/social spending to get what you want faster. Use it like a gearstick.

I think there’s just so much to mess with I feel overwhelmed each time a game starts. I wanna focus but im afraid some other aspect of my galactic domination will implode. FEAR!

I wanna build one of those deathstar rip off stations. TERROR!

Remember, that unlike Civ., you can’t afford to build everything on every planet, build the zero maintenance structures and stuff that boosts your economy and research, only build morale boosters where you need them, higher PQ worlds probably don’t need them all. Trade tech with the minor races, they’re not your enemies and won’t colonise so you can let them have stuff you wouldn’t want to give to the majors. Make sure you build your maximum number of trade routes and don’t forget the power of Cultural Imperialism. For more details, as a previous poster said, check the boards at galciv.com .

Thanks a lot for the tips guys, ill give it a go again tonight. Gal Civ and Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic are currently at war for my attention.