Qt3 in real life

I had a nice lunch with @ArmandoPenblade and some of his friends today! Thanks, @tomchick, for being the root cause behind that!

I encourage other Qt3’ers to get together! Post back here when you do.

Did he spend the 3 days prior preparing said lunch? Because that’d be something Armando would do.

That is awesome! :)

Hey, this is a great thread idea! Here’s the picture of me and @jpinard from earlier this year.

It really was a nice afternoon out with folks; I’m glad you were able to make it and meet some of my Raleigh Crue :-D. Plus, hey, Guasaca! That said, I don’t recall you doing any bringing down of the mood by talking about Syrian Refugees at all! Looks like you’re gonna have to try again next month ;-)

Not this time around. I’ve been meaning to host another boardgames day at my house, but space and chairs are limited. D’oh :(

You all are adorable.

So much this!

Me and @ChristienMurawski and @fire get to meet @mono’s family in a couple of weeks. I’ll try to make sure we get pictures to contribute to this thread.


All right, here’s a bit of a blast from one of our meetups in the past. I mentioned in another thread that Chet was decent enough to give several of us Seattle-area Qt3ers a tour of Valve. I don’t remember the exact date, but I think it was early June 2012 because if I recall correctly my son was a couple weeks old. Here’s the group:

So dude on the far right is Chet, next to Chet is Tim Elhajj, and next to Tim is Alan Au, and … well, at that point I am afraid memory fails me. I am sorry, anyone in this photo that I’ve drawn a blank on. Rude of me. Maybe one of you could jump in and help an old dude out? I think Denny was along for the ride too, but I must not have gotten him in the shot.

One more photo from that visit:

Yeah, it’s their award room. I’m just including it because I thought it was cool.

Gah, I was stupid and didn’t take any pictures of mine and @Andy_Bates’ visit to see @tomchick and @ChristienMurawski and @fire during E3 this year! Board games were had by all, and Andy’s son (Trevor? Shoot, I hope I’m close…) came out as the overall winner. Tom and Christien are wonderful hosts.

If anyone comes to northern Vermont, hit me up before hand; there are a few of us up here in the wilds of frozen Yankeeland.

Nice! I go up there regularly because my inlaws live in Waterbury Center and my brother in law lives in Williston. Now I just have to remember to look this up next time I head that way.

Cool! I live in Jericho, which is maybe twenty minutes up Rte 2 from Waterbury Center (which has a decent if overpriced and sort of snooty beer store), and maybe 10-15 minutes from Williston.

Awesome, not sure when I’ll be up there next, but I’ll let you know when I find out.

If someone here is ever in Brazil please let me know. ;)

That’s me next to Alan. My memory is failing me on who everyone else is. That was a pretty fun tour. I still use my Black Mesa coffee cup from the swag bag as my work mug.

I met up with @Alistair @mono @Ex-SWoo & @justaguy2 in our New York Milk stout meetups in the past few months. Have to do it again soon.

None of these meetups happened unless pics are taken and posted in this thread. I want to believe all y’all are real people but I just don’t know anymore.

I know we have some Florida peeps, but it’s a big state.

I’m up for a meet if there are any Houston folks around.

And please post here when and if this happens. If the timing is right, I’ll make a day trip down south to hang out with you guys! Google Maps says I’m 2 hours and 20 minutes from Waterbury Center.