Qt3 infected with spyware?

My work PC started getting infecte with spyware/popups all of a sudden about 2 weeks ago. I started eliminating my usual website haunts methodically to try and narrow it down.

Umm, wow. I just got some right this second after not having visited here in a week.

Anyway, I was going to say you might have a problem, but now I am sure you do. The free AdAware cleans it up fine, but it comes back anytime I visit here.

I won’t be here to see any witty “so leave” posts, so don’t bother. :D

I’ve been having spyware issues on one of my home PCs, and for a while I was wondering if it had anything to do with Qt3, because I’d often get popups and GAIN install prompts when visiting the site (and not others).

However, I’m not getting this problem on any of the other 3 machines I use regularly, so while one of my machines seems to be having a violent reaction to the site, it’s hard for me to know what the problem is for sure.

You are getting prompts for downloads on QT3? Please, if that happens, report it to me - try and remember the banner that was active. Anytime, even if they are incorrect, someone says something along those lines, I go through all the ads being served and check and check and check. Please, alwasy report if you are having an issue. You can post, im me, or email me at chet at chetrocks.com


Okay, went through, no one is accidentally active, no spyware ads being served here. If there was a mistake and something happened, I would admit to it as I have done previously.

What is the name of what you have infected? Not cookies, they call all cookies almost spyware, but actual programs. If you can give me that, maybe we can trace it down.

We had a problem (not on this site) but another where a linked image was getting redirected to a download prompt, maybe that is happening here. So if you get a prompt, tell me what thread you were in.



I haven’t gotten anything from qt3…no popups, not trojans, nothing. Neither Norton, nor Zone Alarm have given me any warnings either.

I don’t recall which trojan Macaffee warned me about on Sunday, but within minutes I had a whole host of spyware and adware installed on my home PC. A little dog showed up in my system tray (Bargain Buddy). The Lycos search bar browser hijack showed up. A bunch of TVMedia junk. These things all download and install one another, so I’m not sure which one came first. Took me several hours to clean it up, and I still have some sort of adware that isn’t showing up on AdAware or SpyBot.

If I remember correctly, the ad banner on QT3 was for a dating service. Anyway I remember seeing a blonde head on the screen right around the time the Virus Scanner went off and I tried to close browser window.


I had a similar experience. My main PC suddenly became so overloaded with spyware that I’m going to wipe it clean and reformat this weekend. As I said, though, I don’t fully know if it was Qt3 or something else lurking in the background, and it hasn’t happened on any of my other machines. If I see it again, I’ll keep track of the ad that was running.

This one?

(from a thread on a similar subject from a few days ago)

I haven’t noticed any problems, but I will comment that I have had dealings with Great Expectations and my distinct impression is that they push the limits of ethics wherever they can.

I’ll repost it here,I added this to a thread in Tech:

Speaking of spyware,is there something going on at this site??

Because yesterday,virusscan gave me warnings here,and later detected HTML Debski or something like that, and now even tho I’ve used adaware,spybot amd viruscan,I keep getting redirected and windows open to sell me crap!

Edited for followup: I’m getting redirects RIGHT NOW with ask jeeves banner up…

Okay, something is up with what is being reported, because ask jeeves has no spyware/scumware in it. I know that banner is 100% clean.

What is it reporting as a warning?

Debski? I can find nothing on this as spyware/scumware.

What thread?


It started with McAffe popup warning me about ‘suspicious scripts’ several times in a row while at Qt3 ,then it said it detected the HTML Debeski or something like that trojan and said I should run Viruscan,which I did as well as Ad-aware and spybot.It detected and cleaned the trojan and others but I get the redirects still.

As I typed the above, I just got this one:

The ironic bastards want to sell me spyware protection!! :evil:

I also found these,running in the backround:


And this is only happening on QT3? I simply cannot duplicate this issue.

Anyone else?

Investigating further, I simply cannot believe this is coming from the banners here. You must already be infected and it is not really being cleaned out, or you are going elsewhere.

If you have things running in the background before you get here, this is not much this site has to do with it, except they may be reacting off some of the ads to pop competing products.

People having problems, are you all on waste together?

Only thing I can add is that the scanner definately started going off here…

This has nothing to do with Qt3, but by a large margin, that’s what most of the popups I get are advertising. It’s the internet version of the protection racket.

Sorry, I do not know what this means.

The Waste file-sharing network.

I’m not using Waste or any file-sharing systems on any of my machines, including the one that’s infected.

Just curious … as a gamer, does that put me in a minority?

I am on it, no I’ve not had any problems.