Qt3 IRC! Now with more fun! irc.enterthegame.com #qt3

Channel updated to reflect Xaroc’s existing channel:

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/server irc.enterthegame.com


I don’t know if any of you are IRC fans, but I’d love to get some realtime chat going with any and all Qt3 folks. See you there.


i just remembered that there is a link to a javachat at irc.webchat.org #qt3 that i’ve never seen anyone in in the last 1.5 years… if that is the preferred location of qt3 chat, i’ll be happy to move back there instead. i just wanna talk to folks.

That came down about a year ago i think, hehe. It was cool when there was people in there though, great fun.

well, i’m idling in #qt3 for the foreseeable future. my client automatically connects when i boot.

saying “stroker” will get my computer to set off a tone if you wanna reach me.

All of my IRC friends got sucked into MMORPGs; hopefully the QT3 channel will have some conversation, though I’m leery of how the idea will go over because I figure that if people wanted an IRC channel, there’d have surely been one by now.

I’ll pop in from time to time.

IRC is one of the few vices I haven’t kicked. I’ll be there.

Sure, why not. #qt3 can join #planetcrap and #tmol.

An IRC channel for Planetside players on Q23? Excellent idea! Quick, go there. All of you. NOW! :twisted:

Guys: The QT3 IRC Channel is not just for Planetside. It’s for everyone from QT3 to get together and chat with one another in realtime, about anything we want. It’s a great place (and really good for organizing games, like SB:LOC or PS), but we need more people! Stop in and say hi, stay for a spell. STAY FOREVER. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I’d be happy to set one up on webchat, we already have the poe channel on there.

Webchat? Is that java based? If so, no thanks - I despise java based IRC.

it’s either. you can connect to it with irc.webchat.org or I can set up a java client. whichever.

Well, for giggles I registered a qt3 channel on webchat. for mirc connect to irc.webchat.org and I’ll work on setting up a web client for it.

all right, go to http://www.levitateme.com/chat.html and see if you like the java thing.

Hey guys no offense to all these new places but I have had a qt3 irc room with Chanserv setup on irc.enterthegame.com for like a year and a half. I messaged Chet to change the pointer on the main page since that site went down but he never responded so I figured no one was interested. Still nife2o4, Erik Andersson and I are typically around. Please come join us.

– Xaroc

ok that makes 3 channels… i’m quite willing to shut mine down in favor of either of yours.

there are 6ish people in the irc.gamsurge.net channel now, we just have to get them all to move.

mcmaster, xaroc… you two fight it out and decide which channel can reign supreme.

Stroker is over at irc.enterthegame.com #qt3 now. Everyone else stop over we have a nice chanserv, I know the admins here, and the channel has been up forever.

– Xaroc


we’re using the irc.enterthegame.com server. I’m workin on a java client for it and it’s sweet.