Qt3 League of Leaguelets, an async paradise! (NOT related to League of Legends)

I’d play Summoner Wars! soonanother as usual. I would also love to play some of the board board games like Eclipse/TTR/Puerto Rico, but I’m dubious on how well they’d work async.

Anyone want to try for a dedicated hour of IOS boardgaming every so often? We could all get on some form of chat (I would prefer typing as opposed to squeaking into a mic.) One problem is that my free time is late EST where league alerts are few and I assume most of you are sleeping like sensible people.

I might create a spreadsheet that stores everyone’s personal list of what they’d play on a casual basis.

Love your get-together idea, soon. Sounds totally impossible but we should DREAM!

Please continue to suggest games you’d play, although I don’t think we should add one to the official list unless it’s pretty clear that we have at least, say, a half dozen people interested.

I’d love to be part of a secret boardgame society but a dedicated hour is often difficult! When the heck is setting aside time for a live game so hard??

I really want to play an 8-player (or smaller) game of BANG! (synch play only). Love playing the physical version, but really want the new dice version.

I think I got Bang! while it was free. I’m interested, but I’ll need to learn how to play.

Definitely in for Carcassonne. Right after I whip the noobs over at Pocket Tactics. I think I’m done with Penny Arcade and Ticket to Ride though. Good games, but there are others I’d rather play. You could probably armwrestle me into playing Summoner Wars and Small World, as I own both but haven’t really dived into either.

I’m in for arm wrestling too

Got Bang! when it was free too. Maybe I didn’t give it a fair shake but I recall it chasing me away with the worst UI ever.

At my old college, during Mayterm, I ran a Bang! league four years in a row. It was hugely popular. I originally intended to switch games each May, but the students wouldn’t hear of it. We had rules, etiquette, a scoring system, a champion each week. I think that was my first game league! And now look.

In for frozen synapse and would be willing to play some disc drivin to finally try it out

If you want to join a leaguelet that’s in the official list, I need a PM.

I keep hearing Disc Drivin. I searched it in the App Store … Are we talking about an async shuffleboard race?

Yep, that is a solid description.

I’m available for a while to play a game. Anyone interested in playing something I listed earlier?

Times up. Thanks for nothing leaguelet!

This seems crazy but how about we get together via google hangout and do some charades :)

Sorry Clyve I’m a 1* game guy and Hearthstone is that 1 game at the moment.

*Sometimes i do 2 games!


I downloaded the free version. How whimsical!

I’d like to play Disc Drivin cuz it’s cuuuute. Challenge me at Ananab Tilps!

Need more games of disc drivin, Dave is ahead in the current game. Challenge me at RainRaven.