QT3 log in problem

I’m not sure where to post this so here it is.

I am having a problem logging in to QT3 with 2 different devices. I am logged in with my PC now, but if I log off, and then try to log on m iPad, then it won’t accept my password. If I create a new password, I can log in on my iPad but then when I try to log in on my PC it won’t accept my password. I can keep going back and forth but for whatever reason, even though my username is the same, the site won’t accept my using the same log in information for 2 different devices. Any ideas, anyone?

I have no idea how to help you troubleshoot this from my end, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

It sounds to me like there’s some issue with your different devices inputting different characters. Have you tried just typing the password into Notepad to see if there’s some issue with certain characters being capitalized or something?


Yeah, that’s kooky. Are you using any kind of password manager tool? Maybe shut it down and try to copy a known good string into the password box.

I don’t know what is causing this, or even where to begin with troubleshooting other than what Tim suggested, but I am 100% sure this isn’t related to Qt3 (specifically). Something is screwy on your end, would be my guess.

What about a third test option? Can you try logging in on another PC or laptop somewhere? Or on your phone, maybe?

I will try all of these suggestions and post results later :)