Qt3 Luddite: Reasons NOT to get an iPhone

It’s called opening a line of credit.

2.) AT&T non-iPhone call plans start at 59.99$; data at about 30$ for consumer accounts. Yea, go somewhere other than AT&T.

This isn’t true at all, but this is the second time I’ve seen someone say it. Where did you possibly pick up this misconception?

Midnight, no one is jealous of you. You have to give them your social security number is easily the stupidest complaint ever.

And more plainly for credit checks.

Blackberry data plans start at $30, though they are they only data plans that start at $30. My guess is he went shopping for a Pearl and wasn’t aware that the iPhone plans include unlimited data. Or the originator of the meme anyhow.

The Cingular store?

The AT&T website?

Damn guys, i said COUNTERPOINTS and NON-IPHONE plans.

In other words and spelling it out, every data phone other than an iPhone will cost you much more, at least 30$ a month more, and perhaps even greater, which will help mitigate the cost of the iPhone. That Pearl that was free might end up costing you 360$ a year in service costs more than the iPhone plan.

I refuse to pay full price for an unsubsidized locked phone with a contract. That’s why I didn’t get one.

My Sprint phone, with eVDO, is $49/mo.

Is this really an issue? I’ve had mobile phones for more than 10 years, and never had any problem with the batteries…

My reasons for not getting an iPhone are much more mundane.

  1. I’m already locked into a traditional cell phone contract for another year.

  2. While a device that combines email and Web functionality with a cell phone sounds cool, the number of times I’ve needed to surf the Web or check my email outside of my house right that second is exactly zero.

So does this make me a Luddite or simply behind the times?

  1. no expandable memory slot (micro sd, mini sd, sd, nothing!) for something touted for video use I can’t believe this is missing

  2. “closed” OS. I can’t just fire up visual studio and bang something out on the compact .net framework like I can with windows mobile phones. Also, probably more limited 3rd party and home brew software (until the thing gets hacked to death).

  3. $600 for OUTDATED data network. Edge is so 3 years ago. Where is HSDPA 3G support??!!!??? 3G Coverage and speed has been great on my wife’s Cingular 8525.

It was also never supposed to be available to most elderly people because the eligibility date for collecting benefits was pegged to the average life expectancy.

  1. My brother-in-law is working on the next iteration of the iPhone and told me to wait at least a year before buying one.

Good enough for me.

Good, maybe you can forward our concerns to him so they can get it right in version 2.

It’s useful – I already used it a couple time. I go to get sushi, the place we want to go is closed, so I punch up google maps, type “sushi”, and get all the other places in the areas, because I’m not sure where they are.

It’s also great for checking movie showtimes. Bookmark a google movies page, and wa-lah.

It’s also non-annoying to use, unlike most other mobile browsers I’ve used.

qft, and that is what I mean when I say the iPhone is “too expensive”. I have a fair amount of disposable income and could easily buy an iPhone, but I refuse to pay for a phone unsubsidized when it is also locked to a single carrier. I’m willing to accept one or the those conditions to eliminate the other, but I’m not willing to accept both.

AT&T non-iPhone call plans start at 59.99$

The basic voice plan is $39.99. Data plans start at $9.99.


It is well known that Apple is a very secretive company. This does not necessarily mean that it handles personal data more responsibly than a very transparent company, it just means that it’s very difficult for an average person like me to discover the truth about what it is doing and what it is hiding. But AT&T? The company is a defendant in a class-action lawsuit after a federal judge denied AT&T’s motions to have the case dismissed. The case alleges that AT&T gave the NSA “unchecked backdoor access to its communications network and its record databases,” violating the law and the privacy of its customers. Whatever the court may find, the AT&T case clearly demonstrates why it is profoundly bad judgment to give a telephone company (or most any other company) sensitive personal identifying information such as one’s SSN. Period.

I guess I’m just too paranoid.

Believe me, they already know.


Sorta. The lowest unlimited data plan is identical to the basic iPhone rate ($19.99/mth, includes 200 msg), only without visual voicemail. The lowest montly voice plan possible is a $29.99/mth 200 min plan that you have to ask for at the register; it doesn’t have rollover, mobile to mobile minutes, and only 1000 night and weekend minutes, but it’s available, at least in California.