Qt3 Magic the Gathering Tournament


I think I’ll play against Izzet Drakes.

I’m available at 11 am Eastern if that works for you.


I’ll be on in a couple of minutes.


Awesome. OK, @LockerK, let’s get this done. I just fired you an invite to be friends on Discord, too, so we can plan our match there.

I’m still tweaking so many decks, I’m really undecided about what to play!


I have all the precons, but just a couple of other decks. Some of the rest of y’all seem to have a wide variety!


I actually hit the deck limit today, but that’s because I’m constantly importing interesting looking decks from mtggoldfish and saving them into the Deck Builder. Most are not “legal” because I’m missing a ton of cards.


Calling @Stan_Slimp…you’re my match-up. Let’s do this!


@Jason_McMaster I think we’re up!

You can reach me here or Discord if you like.


Let’s go.


We’ll need each other’s user id’s to connect (both sides have to send a connect request). I don’t see yours on the spreadsheet.

Mine is charmtrap#99093


mine is Slimpshady


mine is Slimpshady#30493


Good match tonight with Stan_Slimp.

Game 1, I missed too many land drops to have a viable shot at a win, so I conceded. Game 2, sounded like Stan couldn’t find any of his creatures in his deck, so he conceded. Game 3 was a fun back and forth that could’ve gone either way, but I think I managed to get a few too many saprolings on the board and was able pump them enough to get around his apparent endless supply of Novice Knights, and was able to eke out a win.

Thanks for the games, Stan!


@delirium and I have chatted on Discord but haven’t yet been able to hook up for our match. Hopefully soon!


Yes! I need to put together my decks and stuff. I’ll get with you soon


Cool, no worries. I’m usually good about 8 or 9 CST and on until whenever.


@LockerK and I had our match tonight, and I won. The first game was only saved for me by the timely arrival of a key removal spell. I was playing a version of a Mono White Weenie deck that I saw online and modified to match my skimpiness in terms of the Rares and Mythics needed. It was enough to win in a mono-White mirror match, although our decks were quite dissimilar with the exception of Healers Hawk.

I also think that I take Arena a lot more seriously than LockerK, who was a good sport about the fact that I probably had at least 5 more rare/mythics cards in my deck (including a last minute second Benalish Marshal that I burned a rare wildcard on only minutes prior to our match).

Thanks for the fun match, @LockerK!


Scheduling was a bit of a chore but @delirium and I got our round 1 games in tonight. He stomped me in the first game, having both a better deck and better draw. Second game was closer, but he pulled it out in large part due to a hexproof Nightveil Predator that I couldn’t quite kill. Good games, @delirium, fun to play someone besides ye olde random opponent!


Excellent! I hope everyone’s having fun so far. There’s clearly some disparity in deck quality, but hopefully the second round will see more balanced match ups.

There’s some real life stuff going on that’s delaying the match between myself and Vesper.


I completely missed this one. Looking forward to the next one!


I’m going to be away on vacation from 11/23-12/1 in case the second round starts and people are looking for me to play.