QT3 Meetup: San Francisco Bay Area - Information

How about it? Dinner and drinks / dessert, or if it’s a small gathering, maybe someone will host! Maybe it will be you!

I would strongly prefer a meetup on the peninsula (Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino areas). I likely can’t make it up into the city.

An initial target: How about Saturday, December 19 in Mountain View (Castro)? Say, around 6ish?

I’m in, but since I live in the real part of the Bay, I can’t host. Though I would be happy to host a Bay Area get-together some other time.

Though I would be willing to drive any other East Bay folks down. Let me know!

I might be able to make it, particularly if someone is driving up from LA and doesn’t mind stopping to pick me up in Santa Barbara.

Hey, I want to come! Can we all meet closer to Los Angeles so Unicorn and me can join in? Like, maybe, Sherman Oaks or Encino?


I’m down. Will there be karaoke?

Hey, I want to come. Can we all meet closer to Copenhagen? London or Berlin, either will be fine.

I might be able to swing it, depending on if I can coerce the SO into having a GNO or something.

I would love to meet up in the area (I’m in San Jose), but sadly I’m having a family Christmas get-together that night, and can’t make it. Anyone up for something in January? Or at the very least, lunch some day? I would love to have a chance to chat with some Qt3 friends!


I would be up for a January thing as well. I will be out of town on the 19th unfortunately.

January is fine by me! May be easier to plan that far out, too.

Spiffy, bring your SO. There will be other girls present.

shift6, I don’t know of any peninsula karaoke, but I do know of some awesome Thai food in Mountain View.

Assuming no family plans, I’m in!

Sometime after, say… Dec. 22?

January might kill it for me, but I really don’t know at this point.

London works for me.

Kahb kuhn krap, I am so there!

Hey hey hey, you Europeans, get your own thread!

Or, plane tickets. Either way.

I’d be down for a get-together in Mountain View in January. It’ll be a good excuse to go to BookBuyers, too.

Actually, are you talking about a place named “Shana”? I went there with my USF friends a couple weeks back. They don’t have any kao soi (sp?) but the food is still friggin’ great. One of the servers is named Joe, he used to be a photographer and took all the shots that they have hanging on the walls!

No, I was thinking Amarin Thai. :)

I’d be interested for a January dealy, assuming I could steal a ride from Frank Austin.