Qt3 member posting statistics: Passion Play/Spastic Wonders

I wanted an accurate and colorful way to describe the proceedings and that’s what I came up with. This post details manic posting days from some of the usual suspects. Translated into layman terms, I took a look at Qt3’s most prolific posters (posts per day) to see just how many posts they made on their most active days.

I looked at Gary Whitta, Jason McCullough, Cleve Blakemore, quatoria, Tyjenks, XPav, Captain Cookiepants, and Phenomenon42. Wumpus might have yielded some good results too, but he’s pretty consistent in his posting so he probably didn’t have many crazy days like the others. I didn’t combine Blakemore’s other personas into his daily counts, since I don’t know the exact identities.

A “crazy day” I define as 24 or more posts in a calendar day, according to the Qt3 clock.

With a couple exceptions, my research dates back to June 12. Full research on guys like Tyjenks and Jason McCullough is not something I want to do. If anyone wants to add to my research, feel free. Here is how to do it…

Click on the Search button, then type the name of the person you are doing research on into the “Search for Author” field, then change the “Display Results as:” field to Posts, then press Enter. Then scan the posts with their dates, and focus in (and manually count) the highly active days.

First I’m going to do a list of the most manic achievements. Then I’m going to do a more specific analysis…

49 posts - Tyjenks - June 24
49 - Tyjenks - June 26
47 - Gary Whitta - June 26
44 - Gary Whitta - June 25
44 - Phenomenon42 - July 14
44 - Tyjenks - July 1
40 - Gary Whitta - June 27
40 - Gary Whitta - June 24
39 - Jason McCullough - June 26
37 - Tyjenks - July 2
36 - Mike Cathcart - June 24**
35 - Tyjenks - June 27
34 - Tyjenks - June 25
34 - Tyjenks - July 15
31 - Jason McCullough - July 1
30 - Jason McCullough - July 14
30 - Cleve Blakemore - June 25
29 - Mike Cathcart - June 26**
29 - Gary Whitta - June 5
29 - Gary Whitta - July 1
28 - Cleve Blakemore - June 30
27 - Jason McMaster - July 11**
27 - quatoria - July 13
26 - Mike Cathcart - June 25**
26 - Jason McCullough - June 30
26 - Tyjenks - June 16
25 - Tyjenks - June 30
25 - Anders Hallin - June 17**
25 - Jason McCullough - June 13
25 - Jason McCullough - June 27
25 - Jason McCullough - July 8
24 - Jason McCullough - July 15
24 - Tyjenks - June 13
24 - quatoria - June 29
24 - Cleve Blakemore - June 23

** Edited in from outside research

One thing really jumps out at me. Between June 24 and June 27 Tyjenks had days of 49, 34, 49, and 35 posts. 167 posts in 4 days. But stranger yet was during the EXACT SAME DAYS, Gary Whitta posted numbers of 40, 44, 47, and 40 posts, for 171 posts in those same 4 days! Those stand as Gary’s 4 most prolific days and they are 4 of Tyjenks’s 7 most prolific.

What was going on during those days? Jason McCullough even pitched in with his most prolific day on June 26, with 39 posts, and another big one on June 27, with 25. Cleve Blakemore also had his most prolific day on June 25, with 30 posts.

It appears that the root cause was none other than Tom Chick’s “The Quarter to Three rules”, which was posted on June 24 at 4:07AM. Not only did it attain a heady “Koontz score” of 1881, but it considerably raised the passion (and post count) of some people for a short time.

XPav and Captain Cookiepants did not qualify for the list. XPav’s hottest day was on July 9 when he ran up 23 posts, and CC had no notable days back to the June 12 deadline.

I noted that among Cleve Blakemore’s 30 posts on June 25, 24 of them were between midnight and 6AM.

July 11th I have 27 posts. Thanks for leaving me out, DONG

Geez. A couple months, and I’m already making top “xxx” lists. It’s like what’s his name, you know, that guy, he was actually pretty annoying most of the time, from usenet, with those lists that he did. Istvan. It was Istvan, wasn’t it? I seem to remember making a bot to create fake parody posts from him. And Riboflavin. Yeah, it was definately Istvan. So that’s what it’s like. I’m going to go have a nice lie down now.

Good work on the research addition.

Pass me one of those nifty Stop Time devices I keep seeing in sci-fi stories and I’ll be happy to increase the scope of my research.

Compared to the others in my post, you’re a small fry. If I was going to cover anyone else, it would be Wumpus.

It’s all a lie. Those are numbers only an insane loser would tally up. I deny that entire table and the stain on her dress.

Let’s take a quick look:

27 - quatoria - July 13

I only looked through the first few pages. That’s quatorias only appearance other than a 24 count one. I had a few of those as well. I’m working on a time-stop device for you, but unfortunately it’s a butt plug.


I’ve got 25 on June 17, which I believe is my most active day.

This is some sort of reverse racism! I DEMAND THAT ANDERS BE ADDED.

Oh, I don’t blame Koontz for his horrible, god-forsaking neglect.

(just doing mine was enough of a hassle, it would take quite the character to do it for all posters)

Let it be noted that I now have a very disturbing image of Cleve in his underwear, glaring at his monitor and typing frantically.

Yeah, I couldn’t finish mine.


Let it be noted that I now have a very disturbing image of Cleve in his underwear, glaring at his monitor and typing frantically.[/quote]

Underwear? Cleve wears no underwear. Self-knit loincloths only. Underwear would be funneling money into the coffers of the international Black-Jew-Mexican-Marxist-Liberal conspiracy. DUH.

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How’s the lunar cycle work on the planet where you live?

Hadn’t thought of it that way. Jesus, Cleve must have feared Sammy Davis Jr.

Australia time? GMT? Eastern Time?


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How’s the lunar cycle work on the planet where you live?[/quote]

You couldn’t handle it. The tides would eat you alive. They’re made of, um, teeth. And I think a gullet is in there somewhere. Whatever. Let’s get back to talking about how great I am. And if we weren’t talking about that, let’s start.

You’re pretty great. You know that?

Aw, you’re just saying that. Now do it some more.