Qt3 member posting statistics: The Final Word

Not my final word on the subject; the title refers to the final post in a thread. I looked at all Qt3 threads and recorded the final poster in each one.

To have the final word might mean several things. Maybe your post was so terrible noone wanted to sully their name by following. Or maybe it was so valuable nothing more needed to be said. Or maybe it was just the end of an exhausted subject. Maybe it bored people away from the thread. (You’ll notice most of these reasons are “bad” and I consider it usually negative to have the final word).

Varied posters are biased for the final word; the higher your Varied rating (detailed in a prior analysis) the more often you’ll be making the last post in a thread. If you want a further explanation of this request it. However, this is a small bias. A more considerable bias is posters who tend to post in popular threads… this lowers their Final Word rating (popular threads have many posts and thus its more difficult to have the final word).

Your Final Word rating is noted by your number of final posts in threads divided by your total number of posts. This is then converted into percent form. A minimum number of 117 total posts (at time of data accumulation) is required to qualify for consideration. 159 posters qualified.

Here are the posters with the most frequent Final Word…

#1: Moore: 10.39%
#2: dannimal: 10.37%
#3: FlamingSheep: 10.17%
#4: Joe O’Malley: 9.12%
#5: IX Aszurom: 9.09%
#6: voltaic: 8.43%
#7: theboywolfie: 8.07%
#8: Alan Dunkin: 8.00%
#9: asjunk: 7.86%
#10: Kool Moe Dee: 7.86%
#11: Brian Rubin: 7.66%
#12: Jim Hoffman: 7.63%
#13: Peter Olafson: 7.49%
#14: Mark Bussman: 7.45%
#15: Skies: 7.32%
#16: benj: 7.19%
#17: Slothrop: 7.17%
#18: sellthekids: 7.14%
#19: Alan Au: 7.08%
#20: mudpuppy: 6.80%

voltaic dominates the 1000+ total posts segment of Qt3… Brad Grenz is second with a 5.96%. I guess you could say no More posts follow Moore’s posts. Perhaps instead of locking a thread a policy can be to have Moore, dannimal, or FlamingSheep post in it ;).

Here are the posters with the least frequent Final Word…

#1: antlers: 0.78%
#2: Adam at Sierra: 0.98%
#3: Erik: 1.36%
#4: Angie Dietrich: 1.38%
#5: Jeff Green: 1.44%
#6: Doug Erickson: 1.49%
#7: TomChick: 1.69%
#8: Ron Dulin: 1.88%
#9: DaveC: 1.95%
#10: Thierry Nguyen: 2.14%
#11: Kitsune: 2.17%
#11: Dave Markell: 2.17%
#13: Gary Whitta: 2.20%
#14: Brad Wardell: 2.26%
#15: BloodKnight: 2.33%
#15: Timemaster Tim: 2.33%
#17: Guestacy: 2.37%
#18: Ben Sones: 2.45%
#19: Wholly Schmidt: 2.63%
#20: Gordon Cameron: 2.63%

TomChick dominates the 1000+ segment here, with Ben Sones a distant second. antlers only has ONE final word among his 128 posts. To compare, Moore has SIXTEEN final words among his 154 posts.

If you guys want I can post the full data (so you can see how you rate) but bear in mind that makes for a very long post. 159 people.




See I always suspected that when I showed up in a thread, it stopped.

Glad to know that its not me.

It’s me.

…Or is it!?

Ken Pollack
Wumpus shouldn’t have been banned
We need a hardware forum

C’mon, Tom, if that doesn’t warrant locking the thread, I don’t know what does.


Where the hell am I in this stupid thing??!? I must be some stupid faceless idiot. ETC ETC ETC THATS ME! Stop here.


I feel vindicated!!! If I was such a lame-ass, spamming, waste of forum space, I would be killing many more threads. Obviously, I could just post in popular threads and people gloss right over me, but even if that was the case, my large post total would put me in the top 20 of final words one would think. Since I am no where to be found on this poll, I am going to dance an Irish jig, here at work, in front of my monitor.

Whew. My vindication already feels empty. Well, maybe I can start sleeping through the night from now on. Or at least until one of you dillholes comes along and explains how I am still a pain-in-the-ass even after Koontz’s exhaustive study. I give it 7 minutes.

Finally, I’m on a Koontz list. This is the proudest day of my life.

Perhaps being the last poster is because the person likes to post in boring threads?

While never being the last poster might mean that you’re either Derek Smart or Cleve Blakemore? (i.e., controversial)

I’ve waited a long time to use this:

What made you decide to pull the trigger now, dare I ask?

I was really hoping that, in this thread, nobody would post after Tyjenks.

Oh, well.

I need to be good at something in life… so no one post after me, k?


Ah, shit.

OK, Brian, where did I end up on this one?

And next time can you pick something that I’m better at? How about “most pictures of ducks” or something?

Remind me…why do you do these things, again?