Qt3 member posting statistics: The Focused and the Varied

This is a simply constructed statistic: # of Threads the individual engaged in divided by # of Total Posts they made.

So if you make 100 posts and these cover 50 different threads, your statistic is 0.5.

Posters with high posts per day and who take extended breaks from Qt3 tend toward lower numbers, while the opposite is true for higher numbers. The exceptions therefore really stand out. This is a Top 20 list for both the Focused and the Varied, in that order, with the restriction of a minimum of 100 total posts in order to make the list.

Cleve Blakemore only made 77 posts and therefore didn’t qualify for the list, but I thought he would be highly focused (since he often responds to replies and he often gets replies in his threads) and this was what happened for him…

Cleve Blakemore .338 (Which would rank him 5th in Focused if he qualified).

#1: Brad Wardell .309

What is Brad Wardell doing atop this list? He doesn’t post often. He is perhaps the biggest surprise to me.

#2: Tyjenks .314

He posts so often that he HAS to have a low number.

#3: Derek Smart [3000AD] .327

Yep, Mr. Defensive ranks 3rd. No surprise there.

#4: Jason McCullough .330

See Tyjenks.

#5: Gordon Cameron .345
#6: Mark Asher .363
#7: steve .371
#8: MrAngryFace .384
#9: Skinner .392
#10: Dave Long .397
#11: Tim Elhajj .400
#12: Captain Cookiepants .401
#13: Guestacy .402
#13: HaveFun (Bill Huffman) .402
#15: TomChick .403
#16: Bub, Andrew .413
#17: DaveC .419
#18: Jason Lutes .420
#19: Rob O’Boston .425
#20: DrCrypt .430

The shocking omission from this list is wumpus, who must truly be a thread policeman to have made over 2400 posts in so many different threads.

Now for the Varied list…

#1: Brandon Clements .867

.867?? To give you guys an idea, this guy has made 150 total posts within 130 threads. This guy must have a personal policy to not post in the same thread twice.

#2: Drunkagain .862
#3: Linoleum .821
#4: Jaysun .805
#5: Paxton .797
#6: Bernie_Dy .793
#7: Kool Moe Dee .786

Very surprising for a guy to have posted this often (416 total posts) to be #7 on this list.

#8: Dean .776
#9: Slothrop .775
#9: wzrd .775
#11: dannimal .767
#12: Ergo .760
#13: Tim .757
#14: Chris .753
#15: Olaf .750
#16: Alan Au .730

See Kool Moe Dee.

#17: Union Carbide .723
#18: runesword forger .706
#18: Supertanker .706

This is the shock of this list. 941 posts within 664 threads.

#20: asjunk .705

I’d argue that the shock of this list is its mere existence.

How in the heck do you come up with these statisics?

I’m so dull I don’t show up in any statistics :(

Shit, I’m a moderate even in QT3 posting statistics.

Hey, same here.
Don’t feel bad, maybe it means we actually have better things to do!
Or maybe it means we don’t slack as much at work.

Or we pay more attention to our kids.

Or, more likely, we don’t really have anything pithy to say. sigh

I’m very surprised that I’m on that list–I haven’t been posting here that long.

You’re not a statistic, dammit! You’re an individual! :)

I’m shocked I’m not on there.

I tend to get in pitched battles as well, no?

Yeah, but you scatter them through enough threads to not seem so focused on one fight at a time. Still, you prefer some conversations to others so you don’t spread your wisdom around aimlessly. Kind of normally dispersed, not unlike myself.

I’m a compulsive list maker, but Brian, this interest in Qt3 posting habits is a little odd - even for you.


The shocking omission from this list is wumpus, who must truly be a thread policeman to have made over 2400 posts in so many different threads.

I am a poster for all seasons, a true renaissance man, a jack of all trades.

Also I get extremely bored with extended threads on the same topic.

Yeah but you do have a habbit of starting a thread and replying to yourself like five times. That should count for something.

Can I /pharm this thread?


Sheesh. Somehow I ended up at the ass-end of that list. :oops:

Doh! And now I burned my post for this thread… sigh

I find this thread to be a thinly veiled Christ allegory.


Actually, this shit is really quite interesting. Keep it coming, Brian. Wardell isn’t a surprise, he probably packed in a ton of posts in a handful of Galciv threads.

This one was very easy to do…

I worked off the spreadsheet I had made before, which was in alphabetical order.

The first person was IXAszurom. I went to Search, then typed in IXAszurom in the Search for Author box. Then in the ‘Display results as:’ section I selected Topics and then clicked the search button. At the top of the next page it says “Search found 330 matches”. This is the number of threads IXAszurom has participated in.

Then I click the Back button and change ‘Display results as:’ to Posts. I click search and it tells me the total number of posts he has made. Then I type the ratio into the spreadsheet and it calculates.

Rinse and repeat.

That’s because I am kind of like the anti-Wumpus, anti-Koontz, or anti-Smart, in that whenever I reply to a thread, all discussion suddenly sputters and nobody ever replies. That makes any more posts in the same thread unnecessary. :D

And as far as the “how in the heck do you come up with these statistics” question goes…I think you misunderstood the intent, Brian. Do you work for Stats, Inc. or something?

See Brian, it doesn’t take much too be human and to be welcome to QT3, use Cleve as an anti-example and all will be well.
Also: if and when you are welcome to QT3 put in a good word for me, that ‘No Cookiepants’ sign is really starting to hurt :(