Qt3 member posting statistics: The Focused and the Varied

Nice try, Slate, but anyone could tell I found you in the toilet.

Hey, the Geek Quotients are high enough around here that someone else was going to have read Cerebus. The fact that you happen to be one of the people that does isn’t a terribly strong indication that it isn’t obscure. Now once wumpus comes out of the woodwork to tell me he’s read Cerebus…

(mental preparation for insertion of foot into mouth)

I mean, I went after the Cerebus reference because it was appropriate. If I were going for obscure comic references I would have gone with Johnny the Homocidal Maniac (wait, that’s on the shelves in Borders. try again), or Thieves and Kings (wait, that guy sells his TPBs on his web site. one more time) or goddamn Ragmop (had a couple of issues on Image, but should be safe).

(decide not to go for folded-up-photocopied-mini-comics because suddenly not sure if actually own any at this point and because whole point of exercise is cause Ragmop reader to reveal self enlarging community of known Ragmop readers by one which going too obscure might prevent)

Hmm. Why the hell am I engaging in a obscure-stuff penis-waving contest on the Internet? If the Internet teaches us anything, it’s that there’s somebody more into more obscure stuff of the same kind of stuff you’re into, and one day you will meet him or her and say to yourself “Thank God I’m more normal than that” while being secretly ashamed of your own lack of into-obscure-stuff-itude.

Wasn’t I just saying the same thing?

I am confused…all I want to know is if this makes me cool or not. My guess is “not”.