QT3 Missing In Action?

Is it me, or have we lost a few people recently? I know some announced their departure on the Wampus thread, but I feel like I haven’t heard from either @ArmandoPenblade and @Nesrie for a while either.

So this is a thread dedicated to reaching out to people that may have gone quiet for a while that we miss. Maybe someone has some information, or maybe they just need to be reached out to.

So, I’ll start with something simple.

Hey @ArmandoPenblade and @Nesrie, are you two doing okay?

ArmandoPenblade is alive and well, apparently just not posting here.

No idea on Nesrie but would be great to see her again.

Yeah @ArmandoPenblade is too busy with his RPG’s these days.

There’s also @Rod_Humble. He’s still lurking, but not posting, according to his last. I hope both he, and @Nesrie, well and would love to see them around again.

Armando has been posting over on BF, think he’s moved on.

Where is Judge Floro? :(

I think @Nesrie left. Or maybe she’s taking a few days/weeks off. I hope she comes back.

Yea, @Rod_Humble is just a’lurkin’. He’s answered some PMs.

Come back home Rod!!!

Has anyone seen @kristina , I enjoyed discussing assassins creed with her.

Hah! No worries! I am back! Just crazy busy at work! Gimme a few days to resume my senseless ranting here :)


I count this as a success! Now, who else can we save? Come on people!



Hey @ArmandoPenblade: clit.

@AlanSmithee can share in that too.

Hah aww! Summer in Norway has gone apeshit crazy and I’m mostly outside enjoying the tropical heat and swimming in the ocean just to stay alive, Ill be back soon =) Probably in time for… AC ODYSSEY!
(Actually stayed in for 3 days just because I had to take a break from all the summer and did nothing but play Mad Max, but I grew tired of that so now it´s back to wine and swims)

I was gone on vacation for 11 days no one missed ME <sob!!>

And I wasn’t aware of how bad P&R was… never went there (for a reason).

That makes me think of those delicious little arctic strawberries you can get in Norway. I used to spend decent chunks of summer near Kragerø, going back and forth to Jomfruland. It’s beautiful there (in the summer).

Oh, nice! Yeah, Scandinavia really is great if summer is warm, haven’t had the need to go anywhere else this summer =)

This warm summer, courtesy of global warming apparently, kind of sucks. Even in frozen Yankeeland, it’s been up to near 100 on one day, and in the mid-80s a bunch. My electric bill nearly tripled. Ugh.

I reduced my posting last week because I was on LTE on my phone the entire time. We were in Orlando at Universal Studio Resort having a blast!