Qt3 Movie Podcast: 3x3: favorite insects

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: 3x3: favorite insects
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When August 26, 2019

This week we talk about a topic that's been bugging us. The 3x3 starts at 24:05. But first, we watched a few movies. Basic Instinct at 2:00, Booksmart at 10:05, The Wedding Guest at 16:08, and Light of My Life at 17:15..

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The Last Emperor
Paths of Glory (“Now you got the edge on him”)

I stand by my pick and present the following evidence as my appeal. I will concede that the things that wiggle around under Amy Seimetz’s skin are probably annelids, but the thing that goes in her drink is totally an insect larva.

Those are good sources of protein too.

Beginning of the End.


Hey, take it up with the 5-0. You’re the one that got pulled over.

(Great pick, though.)

Oh, god, I remember that one. CG can’t come soon enough.


“Don’t blame me for getting busted. All I did was call the cops.”

Gutsy stance, Chick.

The Deadly Mantis
Angry Red Planet (rat bat spider)

Are spiders bugs, or is it just insects? Because I have a soft spot for Eight Legged Freaks.

Otherwise, Brundlefly

Chitin? Multiple legs above the number four? Bug. That includes pill bugs and lobsters.

Hard to see that and not think of Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan. ;)

I know it’s not a movie, but how about a hand for the Zanti?

I’d say yes.


You said it.

How about these weirdly transparent wasps from Food of the Gods.

Or how about this chicken. While chickens aren’t bugs necessaily, they eat them.


No, bugs are only ever hemiptera, and spiders are definitely not inse-

Oh wait, I may be in the wrong thread.

Great, now we got the herpetologist started.

Gah, they’re phase-shifting wasps!


Scary CG: The T-1000.

Funny CG: Baby Groot. C’mon!

Nope, nope. Think about it. All Robert Patrick’s acting: his face, his running, his lack of affect. Emulating a floor pattern doesn’t scare me. Proof: Kristanna Loken in T3 has even more CG and isn’t scary at all.

Not funny so much as cute in a Lion King reboot way. Although I will give you Jarjar Binks’ tongue antics.

Scary CG: Annihilation Bear