Qt3 Movie Podcast: 3x3: screams

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: 3x3: screams
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When December 2, 2019

Cover your ears for this month's high-pitched 3x3 for the sounds of distress, terror, and surprise. But first, we've seen some movies!

Annabelle Comes Home at 1:26, Instant Family at 5:35, and The Irishman at 11:27. The screaming starts at 22:02…

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
The Godfather 3
Aliens (knife trick)

I haven’t listened yet, but I hope the Wilhelm Scream receives it’s due.

Just go press play on the podcast page real quick.

For the record, I loathe the Wilhelm scream. It’s an inside joke that, like most inside jokes, is unfunny.


Which doesn’t make it less iconic.

For a while I had Patricia Arquette’s scream after she kills James Gandolfini in True Romance but after watching it again, it didn’t seem as good as I remembered.

@ChristienMurawski, I had forgotten the John Wick scream and was thinking about the one in Chapter 2 when he gets his lock box and after taking his clothes out of it and revealing a gun an some coins he lets out a very loud scream of anger.

I only made it as far as Tom’s #3 because I had to pause and go watch Most Beautiful Island after that description. I think I’m about five minutes from the scream right now. I love this movie so far. Looking forward to the rest of the picks.

I’d put down Company of Wolves as a good werewolf movie, although it’s been a while since I last saw it.

3 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers

2 - Possession

1 - The Nice Guys

And a very special video to make @tomchick scream:

I’m used to you guys not having the best audio quality but this episode was especially egregious; Kelly’s audio made the whole thing nearly unbearable.

My P.S.A. for all you QT3 movie-heads out there: Most Beautiful Island is free to stream with Prime Video.

At first I was thinking you meant Brotherhood of the Wolf, but I realize now it’s the Neil Jordan movie that predated Crying Game. Weirdly enough, I might have never seen it. Hmm.

Yep, that right there. You can see what I mean, right? I can’t be the only one. She’s terrifying. Imagine walking into a job interview and she’s sitting on the other side of the desk. The stuff of nightmares!

I hope I didn’t oversell it. And I wish I could get people to watch it thinking it’s just going be another “immigrant struggles to find her place in America” indie film. In fact, I think I only watched it because I saw Larry Fessenden’s name was attached, and I figure anything he’s involved in is at least worth checking out. So I might have been too easily impressed by the change of direction. At any rate, it’s certainly worth noting Ana Asensio’s name.

We know it’s a direct result of him using his iPad to record with us, and we’ve tried to avoid it as much as we can. I think in the future, we’ll just reschedule if his only option is to use the iPad. Sorry about that.


Haven’t listened yet, but I hope The Shout gets mentioned.

Eh, still interested.

Taking the piss.

Taking a piss is the same in any language.

I don’t think you did oversell it. I’m also glad for the framing because otherwise I might’ve recommended it to my mom or something based on how it starts.

Unfortunately, I misunderstood Russian Monica Bellucci’s explanation of the rules and thought the girls each had to do another round in the coffin, so my suspense was heightened at the moment when she gets the cash and just leaves, so I was baffled and concerned she was making a mistake rather than relieved for her. But the movie made up for it with that survival/life/solidarity ice cream cone moment.

Here’s a funny one:


Setting the standard for all movie screams to follow:

High five to @marquac for an unplanned twofer of inappropriate Hereditary paraphrases.

This is the only one I could think of, and of course I thought of it the day after the podcast was recorded:

Unfortunately, you kinda did. You gave a hint that the thing behind the door didn’t involve sexual abuse. So watching a very disgusting bath scene at the beginning of the movie I guessed that the challenge should somehow involve insects, cause it seemed like Luciana wasn’t afraid of them. I was 100% sure about that after hearing the scream. Of course, I couldn’t figure out specifics, so the movie still surprised me, and the ending was great.