Qt3 Movie Podcast: 3x3: tongues


Guess which one of us picked tongues for a 3×3 topic.

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My picks were of so little interest that they turned Kellywand into an auctioneer. Someday the world will be ready for you, Takashi.


Kelly does the auctioneer thing because he gets self-conscious reading the picks for some reason. It’s not you.


“I know who you are but I’d be honored to shake your hand anyway.”


God, he’s so adorable.


So much Jabba but no love for the Sarlacc, so sad.

PS: thanks for not reminding me of Naked Lunch but once


We will slowly address that for over a thousand years.



So…what movie is the hilarious header image from?


Sorry To Bother You.


My favorite tongue scene is when Branagh uses his tongue to give the St. Crispin’s Day speech in Henry V.


Well, @tomchick I’ll have you know, not only did @ChristienMurawski slander the father of the director of Black Summer, he slandered the father of the writer and director of the modern classic - Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.

Which is to say I need to watch Black Summer, because man, I want to know what John Hyams did after this movie I love beyond reason.




“You have been drinking your whiskey from Kentucky.”