Qt3 Movie Podcast: 50 Shades of Grey

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: 50 Shades of Grey
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When February 17, 2015

Mr. Grey will see us this week..

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This weeks Clubapalooza pick is the awesome Jodorowsky's Dune. Jump to the 01:29:17 mark for the discussion.

shes a virgin because perhaps the target audience is younger teenagers and it will help them to identify?

I haven't seen any of Jodos films though El Topo is supposed to be awesome. However Jodo's The Incal (comic) is amazing, highly recommended. Jodo is a bit nuts though.

Nuh-uh, is this real?

Incal is brilliant. If you liked Incal I'd suggest Prophet, a recent sci fi comics series that is to Dune what the comic series Saga is to Star Wars.

Secretary is SO MUCH BETTER than this movie! I haven't made it to the over/under part yet, but right off the bat I just feel the need to put that out there. Go watch it HBOGO or anywhere else you can find it. There is a good look into the BDSM relationship that is actually healthy rather than this shallow effort created by people who have only disdain for the lifestyle, which I feel leads to a lot of the problems in both the books and movie in this case.

I read the first 3 vols of Saga but for turning really sour on it. It reminded me of lost, then i realised that Brian k Vaughan had written for lost and thus replicates its nonsense.

Will check out Prophet though

Felt the same way about Saga. Does Lost's bad influence have no end?

If there is one thing to be certain of in Prophet, it gets weird.

Holy cats I hope you're joking. Yikes.

Yeah, Secretary is definitely my "over" for this movie, too.

the book started out as fan fiction for Twilget didn't it? Well Twilight has a younger audience and perhaps some things got left in when the setting changed to something a bit more mature.

Gosh darn it, you're absolutely right, Simon. I keep forgetting that. I just found that fact to be so confounding that I've since blacked it out of my memory.

Your point makes sense. Thank you.


The behavior in Henry and June was so unusual, the MPAA gave it the first ever NC-17. They've always had our back.

It still confounds me that this movie was made. Everything I've read about the book suggests it is entirely a vehicle for sexual fantasy and has no real plot, characters, etc. No matter how massively it's sold, that's a tough row to hoe in terms of making a movie that is not just straight up porn. The Onion AV Club had an article that I think made a good point: to wit, this would have been a perfect opportunity to largely ignore the source material and make something actually good out of the premise. Apparently they didn't do that, though.

It's my impression that the furor about depictions of abuse and borderline rape in association with 50 Shades of Grey was based on the book, though, not the movie, although it may have been resurrected by news of the movie on a not unreasonable assumption that the movie would be very similar to the book.

Finally, I've neither read the book nor seen the movie (nor plan to, ever - hence listening to this podcast in a timely fashion), but based on the little I'm able to glean about its contents, I find myself morbidly curious as to what this looked like as Twilight fanfic. Who was the dom? One presumes Anna = Bella. Was the billionaire bit a replacement for weird supernatural powers? Etc. (Then again, I know only slightly more about Twilight, having watched two movies' worth of Rifftrax and never read any of the books.)


Haven't read any books by either lady but I think the only carry-over from Twilight was the rain, because women universally find getting soggy and drenched erotic.

Drenched yes. Soggy...no.

I can't help but wonder what this movie would have been like had Jodorowsky made it. Would he do to E.L. James what he was doing to Frank Herbert (with love)?

I did really like the one shot of Anastasia as she's riding up the elevator on her way to the meeting about the contract. The camera is looking up at her and it only lasts for a couple of seconds but I really liked the look on her face.

Is this the point where someone says, "ha ha, you watched Fifty Shades even when you didn't have to for a podcast"?