Qt3 Movie Podcast: a brief update

My very best wishes for Dingus. This is the worst kind of surprise.

I knew before I clicked I would be crying to Tom’s voice, again.

Fuck you, Chick :’( *

*It’s Frecnh for “love you, guys”.

I don’t usually listen to the podcast, but I gather it is because of Christien’s health issue. Get well soon dude!

All the best to Christien and hopefully a speedy recovery!

Love you guys! Keeping Christien in my prayers.

i only just listened to this now. i’m crying and remembering crying hearing about tom being unwell (can’t believe that was five years ago…) and then crying again when he came back, lololol
all my love to the three of you, and our dearest dingus’ family. can’t wait 'til the trinity is reunited!

I can only join in the wellwishes for Christien. Ill not be as bold as Kelly and make some weird joke to lighten the mood, since i lack the charm for it. XD

Its definitely weird to feel this affected by it. After all these years listening it really does feel as personal as having a friend have that happening. I kinda want to visit or send flowers or something. Which would be awkard. And quite the trip from Germany.

Anyway. Please keep us updated Tom, and kinda keep the light on eh? You forced the two knuckleheads to go on without you. Now you have to do the same. ;)

I guess this should be linked here. :(

This is crushing. Christien was an incredible person, and our community has lost a dear friend.

I can’t believe it. This hurts. My god, I am so sorry Tom, Kelly and everybody :(

My heart bleeds for Christien, his family, his friends, and everyone here. I have no words.

RIP Christien Murawski. You will be missed.

I often disagreed with Christien, but his composure, demeanor, and single-minded perseverance on topics often challenged my point of view, and encouraged me to explore the reasoning behind my conclusions. I can’t say that he ever changed my mind, but I can say that I will miss his perspective.