Qt3 Movie Podcast: a long strange three months

Kelly’s Telly


Ok I do remember Sphere being awful. I guess I just found Underwater boring which is the last thing I want in a movie. I did like how Stewart was in her underwear for a lot of the movie, but it was the most beige, functional and gross underwear imaginable.

I’ll check out Bloodline. I actually have a pretty big soft spot for Sean William Scott having grown up on the American Pie movies and that one action movie with The Rock - watching the first Pie at a friend’s house when I was 13 gave me my first shot of boobs. And it looks like Bloodline and The Rundown (The Rock/Scott Peter Berg Action flick) are both on Hulu. I guess someone over there also has a soft spot for the Stiff-meister.

Your soft spot has no cred with me if you haven’t seen Goon! :) He’s also good in Southland Tales, but I’m not sure I would foist that off on anyone these days.


Only lovers of throwaway Philip K. Dick references need apply.

I second Underwater. I went in expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised. I’m terrified of big things underwater so the, uh, end boss worked for me. And since Tom brought it up: [cue “Suckerpuuunch” voice] Southland Taaaales!

Some more quick thoughts:

Ha ha, Tom knows who Jimmy Durante is. That’s a grampa entertainer.

I thought Deep Red was a pretty good giallo movie. I don’t necessarily need to see more of them though.

Hey Tom, you should watch GLOW. It’s got Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie and pro wrestling. What more could you ask for?

That would be funny.

Same…and same.

Oh, and by the way, I saw Black Christmas in a theater because of you podcast jerks. So there.

To add my two cents about the future of the podcast: I thought this episode’s format of Tom and Kelly just hanging out was great. If it becomes an informal checking in with each other every now and then I think that’s a perfectly cromulent direction.

-Chris Webb

Teared up at seeing the post.

I may be too sensitive.

Yes, yes! Keep the podcast going.

Tom, Kelly: That was a wonderful and touching restart. I’d keep listening to you two talk movies.

It was great to get a new movie podcast. I completely understand whichever decision Tom and Kelly choose to go with but I wanted to weigh in and say how much enjoyment I have gotten from the QT3 movie podcast over the last six years I have been listening. This podcast has turned me on to so many great movies (and saved me from seeing so many bad ones) and it has been such a wonderful experience to be an observer of this friendship. My tastes have always aligned closest with Kelly’s but I always loved hearing Christien’s views and opinions in part because he had a sensitivity and open heart that I find often alludes me. This podcast can’t be the same without him but if Tom and Kelly decide to continue I will be along for the ride and grateful for every minute of it.

Regardless of whether the podcast continues I just want to thank Tom and Kelly for everything they have unknowingly done for me over the years and I regret that I never took the opportunity to thank Christien. Thanks guys, the podcast has been a weekly treat for many years.

P.S. I always thought Tom’s use of “Dingus” was a meta joke on his weekly mispronunciation of Christien’s name since dingus means “a term used to refer to something one cannot or does not wish to name specifically”. When I found out that Tom originally did not know the meaning of the word my opinion of him fell half a peg or so if possible :).

P.P.S. @tomchick I am sorry Parasite did not work for you. For me it was such a thrill ride and I completely enjoyed the numerous genre fake-outs. However I can understand how they would not work for you since you are such a huge horror movie buff.

P.P.P.S. Sphere is bullshit.

Thanks for this, guys. I don’t think you should ever imagine for a second that we all wouldn’t love to have you back, but that’s only if you both think you’re up for it. No, it won’t be exactly the same dynamic, but it would be worth listening to. I would consider the format and how it might be want to morph to fit the two of you.

Nice to hear your 2019 picks, too, as I always look forward to that episode.

BTW, I think the Joker has a lot of detractors because many people see it as of a piece with Todd Philips’ non-woke comments about how PC culture makes it so you can’t make jokes anymore, and with incel/white grievance culture more generally. Whether they have a point, I don’t know; I haven’t seen it.

Boy, hearing Dingus in the stinger really got me…

Sign me up for the Black Christopis!


I heard Kelly poohpooh Tom’s choice of Once Upon a Time as another in the line of movies about Hollywood; @tomchick did you ever see Under the Silver Lake? I know it made Kelly’s top 10 that year. It may be a little disjointed but that movie just oozes place. And talk about a great movie for an -opsis!

Tearing up a bit out of joy listening to this. I hope you keep it up.

I’m so happy to see a new episode. Thanks Tom and Kelly. It was such a pleasure to hear you guys again. I definitely want more.

P.S. Tom, since you have an interest in Emily Ratajkowski’s ouvere, did you see Cruise? It was the second directing effort from Robert Siegel, who is better know for his rather mixed career as a screenwriter, ranging from the awesome The Wrestler to the mediocre The Founder. It’s a fairly standard 80s coming-of-age story following an Italian-American car nut and part-time petty thief who falls for a rich Jewish girl from Long Island, but I thought it was kinda charming. You could tell Siegel had such an affection for the era. Review and audience wise it seemed to go nowhere, but I thought it’s worth a watch if you can tolerate nostalgia.

Oh Thomas, of course I’ve seen Goon. It’s the film that lets us Sean William Soft-spots say “no it’s actually pretty good.” I never saw the sequel though, and even though I don’t know if SWS is in it, I’m sure he is in it.

I have good memories of Southland Tales because I watched it with my dad and brother and we trashed it the whole viewing. I think my dad had Netflix mail him the dvd back when they did that. Do those timelines line up?

I also saw black Christmas in the theater (remember back then) and desperately would like an opsys as the only way I’ll get back those 2 hours of my life

I don’t know if this should be split off into a separate thread, but this podcast is the closest thing to a year-end review for 2019. Here are the top 10 lists for Tom and Kellywand:

10 Captain Marvel
9 Uncut Gems
8 Godzilla: King of the Monsters
7 Prospect
6 The Nightingale
5 Light of My Life
4 Joker
3 Dragged Across Concrete
2 Booksmart
1 Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

10 Booksmart
9 The Irishman
8 Parasite
7 John Wick 3
6 Wounds
5 Midsommar
4 Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
3 Joker
2 The Lighthouse
1 Uncut Gems, bitch!

So good to hear you guys again! Do whatever feels right to you, but coupled with the whole Corona situation, you could totally play with the format for a bit, revisit some classics and personal favourites or even have a weekly fundraiser. I’d absolutely vote with my wallet to force some Opsises of older movies that never had a chance to appear on the podcast. I also like the suggestion of occasionally bringing in a guest like on the games podcast.

Because Dingus, Tom, and Kellywand got me in the habit of building an annual top 10, I’ll throw mine out there. Hopefully others that have one will do the same.

10 Marriage Story
9 Non-Fiction
8 Parasite
7 The Beach Bum
6 Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
5 The Irishman
4 If Beale Street Could Talk
3 Little Women
2 Midsommar
1 Uncut Gems

Honorable Mentions:
Avengers: Endgame
A Hidden Life
The Lighthouse

Dingus liked to include his favorite miscellaneous thingys at the end of the year. I didn’t think this post through in advance, but if anyone thinks of a specific “thing” they liked in a movie that would be cool to read about.

-Chris Webb

Man, I missed you guys. I will watch every crummy movie for an opsis, I sure did dozens of times before!

Great to hear from you guys. I would sure like to hear that Black Christmopsis. As for the podcast itself, it’s obviously your call in the end but I personally would like you to continue. The podcast has been my primary source of movie rumours and dumb synopses for years.

You also didn’t tell your favorite Lovecraft stories I think. I remember Pickman’s Model being kinda cool and scary.

I still listen to some old episodes (I have spider-man far from home queued up) and it’s great to hear Dingus. Will continue doing that for some years I imagine. Also, axemen was strangely fitting for the outro. See ya.