Qt3 Movie Podcast: a long strange three months

C’mon, you can’t tease Gosling in a BlackChropsis and not do it! I saw the movie so I’ll be able to soak in all those nuances, Kelly.

My favorite stupid movie by a very long shot, and I heartily recommend it to everyone here.

So good to hear from you guys, I missed you!
And, as with most episodes of the cast, I have a list of movies to catch up on, so thanks for that. Including Underwater. For some reason.

Anyway, I would love for you guys to continue the podcast, and Kelly Wand, come on, as if you even had to ask whether there is demand for another opsis or not. More opses, all the time!

Much love, and hopefully welcome back

I feel like a lot of Korean directors are in conversation with each other about social issues, actually. Na Hong-jin, my favorite of the lot, feels like he’s been shadowing Bong Joon-ho pretty closely with his movies, from The Chaser to Yellow Sea to The Wailing (the lattermost of which I think Tom would like a lot).

I’m really hoping that a rising tide lifts all boats here and we’re not just going to get a repeat of Park Chan-wook breaking into mainstream audiences in the West without sparking broader interest in South Korea’s weird-ass film scene.

I finished the episode this morning.

To answer the podcast’s question: Yes, I would absolutely love a Black Christmas opsis, and yes, I would be willing to watch the terrible movie first before listening to the opsis.

Ooh, yes, that I would like a podcast about. Watched it a few months back.

Come on, Kelly. You have an 'opsis ready to go and you’re withholding it from us? Aren’t we suffering enough?

And just to add to the choir, I would absolutely keep listening if you kept doing them. I’ve missed you guys.

Same, and here’s mine:

  1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  2. The Lighthouse
  3. Parasite
  4. Booksmart
  5. Midsommar
  6. The Favourite*
  7. Knives Out
  8. Destroyer*
  9. Ford V. Ferrari
  10. Us

*They were 2019 releases in Finland, and I’m not going to leave those movies out of a top 10.

And a 3x3 for the year:
3 Favourite supporting character: Billie Lourd in Booksmart.
2 Favourite action scene of the year: The knife museum fight in John Wick: Chapter 3.
1 Favourite montage of the year: The neon lights turning on to Out of Time in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

“I’m a golden starfish!!!”

Also, now that I’ve been prompted to think about 2019 again - and because of Tom’s outrageous inclusion of Captain Marvel on his number 10 spot - I think I kinda broke up with Marvel this year? I mean, Captain Marvel, Endgame, and Far From Home are all…fine. But it’s all surface detail and charm papered over stories that ultimately don’t really work.

I think I even like Joker more than them, and I thought Joker was a bland piece of nothing.

I dunno. I hope Guardians 3 and Thor: Love and Thunder will make me rebound.

Clearly you got soul.

But I’m sure as fuck not a soldier.

Speaking of falling asleep during a Doom movie, did anyone else realize they made another Doom movie?

Doom: Annihilation makes Doom 2005 look like Aliens.

So, it’s Alien vs. Predator’s Alien vs. Predator: Requiem?

It’s really good to hear from you guys. I hope you find a way to keep it going.

You’re gonna have to find a foil for the two of you once you do, though. I didn’t share Dinguses tastes, but I loved listening to his opinions. He made me think twice about a lot of movies.

See, I thought the genius of the podcast was that anyone could be the foil. Maybe I just got evenly influenced by all three of you over so many episodes.

So I finally went and registered a user on the forums. I’ve been listening to the podcast regularly for the last five years or so and have been anxiously awaiting an update. It was heartwrenching to hear that Christien is gone, but I’m glad to hear he was surrounded by his loved ones at the end.

I just want to add my voice to the choir of those who wish for Kelly’s Blackchristopsmys, and sincerely hope you guys will consider carrying the torch onward. I for one have missed you guys these last three months.

Was such a pleasure hearing your voices again. I think you’re right in saying Christian would want you to keep doing the things that make you happy, to keep having fun. If it’s not the podcast, I understand, but hearing you guys again really brightened my day. So thanks for that!

I love that Tom is finally seeing how the other side lives with this illicit drug use before movie watching. Now THAT’s satisfying character development!

I haven’t been active on these forums in a good long while but I still listen to the podcasts - and am deeply saddened to learn of Dingus’ passing. For what its worth I hope you find a way to keep the movie podcast going - I miss hearing you guys weigh in on stuff, even when I disagree :P

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. It was really helpful for me and @Kelly_Wand to read all these. And I think Kelly’s definitely been convinced to deliver a Black Christmopsis. I think what we’ll do is schedule a Black Christmas podcast, which will really just be a delivery vehicle for a) the -opsis, and b) a discussion of Sophie Takal’s previous movie, the brilliant Always Shine.

Ah, right, thanks for the explanation on this. It’s such a weird genre.

Exaclty. And whereas Parasite is so informed by farce and heavy (heavy-handed?) social commentary, Burning resonated much more strongly with me because of it’s roots in Faulkner and Southern Gothic channeled through Korean culture. To me, there was something much more personal and universal about Burning, whereas Parasite was a more raucous performance piece.

But I agree with you about the tonal shift in Parasite. That was a delight.

Ha ha, you saw Sphere!

It’s not really notable unless you like watching the occasional odd trajectories in Sean William Scott’s career, which it sounds like you do.

Yes, your spoilered bit was a huge hook for me as well. Horror movies tend to suck at payoffs, so I’m always grateful when I like a payoff!

Okay, look Mr. Wrestling Fan and Guy Who Knows Who Alison Brie Is, I only like one of those three things. But I liked Gilpin enough in The Hunt and Isn’t It Romantic and one other thing I saw her in but can’t remember, that maybe I’ll check out this lady wrassling TV show you’re talking about. It can’t be any worse than the Florence Pugh vehicle Keeping It In The Family, or whatever that thing was called.

Would it help your opinion of me if I were to name drop that I learned the word from Bill Paxton when I was in a movie with him? True story!

Ha ha, that’s at least three of us who’ve seen Sphere! We’re dumb!

Ewww. I’m glad I missed whatever that was.

Yeah, that movie basically is an -opsis. I really hated it, like hard. Like, to the point that I deeply admired Andrew Garfield for powering through all that junk. He was such a goddamn soldier for unflinchingly diving into all that nonsense and never wavering. Dude’s too good for comic book silliness like Spider-Man!

No, but now I know what I’m doing later tonight!

Yeah, that’s a vaguely insulting question to ask a Sean William Scott fan. Basically, that movie is responsible for the phrase “Seam William Scott fan” even existing.

Well, there’s four movies I guess I need to see.

Ah, right, thanks for the reminder! For me, it will vary based on what I might have read recently, but these days, I’d pick Whisperer in the Darkness. I really like the way space travel is imagined as something horrific for humans. Also the “reveal” about the whispering old man in robes is pretty cool even if you can see it coming. It’s also got a cool farmhouse siege that I imagine being like an olden times version of Rolf de Heers Incident at Raven’s Gate from the 80s.

Oh, I love The Wailing. I kept thinking about it for a long time after I’d seen it. I meant to re-watch it, but never got around to it. Thanks for the reminder. I don’t know Chaser or Yellow Sea. Are they also horror?

High five for your #1, which Discourse refuses to recognize as anything other than a bullet point. Stupid Discourse. Also, I’ll only allow The Favourite because I’m so keen to allow Destroyer, which I think was something like #3 for me last year.

I guess I should finally watch Ford v Ferrari, which is apparently about a legal case between two car companies. I mean, even if it’s the director of Logan, I can’t muster a lot of energy to watch a courtroom movie…

(I’m only partly trolling.)

Right? So fun!

I hope that’s really the title of a Thor movie. If it’s not, please don’t disabuse me of the notion so I can enjoy it for a while.

I think we kind of agree? One of our concerns is that our tastes are too similar. Plus, I really enjoyed episodes where it felt like me and Dingus vying against each other to sway Kellywand’s opinion. Like God and the Devil fighting for a soul.

Welcome here! Happy to have you. It’s aways cool when someone comes in from the wider internet at large.

I’m basically Danny Glover clutching the seatbelt muttering “I’m too old for this shit…” :)


The Chaser is pure thriller (with the Korean tone bends). It was like the second Korean movie I saw in high school, after picking up Oldboy from a Borders based on the Tarantino box quote, and its violence really fucked 17 year old me up.

Since some are posting these here:

10. The Lighthouse
9. Midsommar
8. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
7. Marriage Story
6. Jojo Rabbit 
5. Uncut Gems
4. Joker
3. The Irishman
2. Pain and Glory
1. Parasite

edit* idk why its formatting the numbers different once posted but Lighthouse is 10 and Parasite is 1