Qt3 Movie Podcast: a long strange three months

Oh! Still gotta see that one.

@tomchick, I don’t think you’d actually get anything out of GLOW, or The Beach Bum for that matter. You didn’t like Spring Breakers, right? And you think McConaughey is “freaky” if I remember correctly. Zac Efron is really good in it though.

Tom left to his own devices:

I (obviously) loved Pain and Glory, but it’s a pretty chill, contemplative movie that seems to underwhelm most. Antonio Banderas is amazing in it; that seems to be universally agreed upon.

Don’t worry, It’s the official title! And as you might suspect from it, Taika Waititi is back to direct.

I also saw (and of course, hated) Sphere. In the theater, even. It’s possibly my favorite thing Michael Crichton’s written, so the movie was a straight kidney blow.

The Chaser is a thriller, yeah. Very, very dark and violent. I really liked it, was…nonplussed…by The Wailing.

Tom, you didn’t watch the latest Greta Gerwig movie??



(Okay, neither have I, yet, but YOU???)

That got an honest to goodness laugh out loud from me.

Thank you for that.

Tom and Kelly,

Thank you so much for the podcast. I’ve listened to the entire catalog of podcasts at least two times, and y’all have been with me since 2011. Over the years, I’ve sampled a number of podcasts, including some of the “big” movie and TV ones, and they all pale in comparison to the QT3 movie podcast. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve related something hilarious or charming to my family, after having heard it on the podcast. You both have an interesting perspective on life that’s invaluable.

I’ve never met nor interacted with either of you to any significant degree, so I think that my opinion isn’t really influenced much by history. Y’all are able to deliver incredible content and memories, and I sure hope that the world doesn’t lose that. I wish that you knew how many times I’ve changed plans (Dang it! Hey Brent, let’s go see (x movie) at the theater instead, that’s what’s showing on the Quarter-to-Three movie podcast this week!) in order to sync up with the podcast. Likewise, there have been some movies that I haven’t cared about seeing, but have yelled “SPOILERS” when my friends start talking about it, because dang-it, I’m going to watch it when it’s available to rent, and I’m not going to put up with having the opsis ruined! Not even!

I love you both very much! Someone upthread mentioned maybe doing some sort of fund-raising episodes while you’re getting figuring out what to do—I know that I’d chip in, and I know that Christien and Wendy would have liked to see me pitch in for that.

When I lost my best friend, I didn’t know what to do. What can you do? I elected to share more of my life with others, which isn’t something that I voluntarily do very much if I can help it.

I wish you both well, no matter what the future holds.


“Thanks for all the fish.”

It was wonderful to hear your voices again. I’m truly sorry I wasn’t able to travel and be there at Christien’s service.

Your podcast has always felt like friends hanging out talking about movies in a way that I want to, but can’t, because I don’t have any friends who are as into movies as I am. And this episode was no exception. Thank you.

Here is my top ten list, which doesn’t really have any surprises:

10. Marriage Story
9. Velvet Buzzsaw
8. Uncut Gems
7. The Two Popes
6. Midsommar
5. Booksmart
4. The Irishman
3. Little Women
2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
1. Parasite

I got done watching Always Shine in anticipation of this coming podcast (it’s available on Kanopy). Now I just have to track down Black Christmas.

I don’t believe I would have known that a remake of Black Christmas existed if not for threads like this.

Southland Tales. The best Philip K. Dick movie ever made. Such a wonderful, confused, glorious mess of a movie.

I gave the podcast a listen a couple weeks back. What a fitting final tribute. I’m so glad y’all did this.

Somewhere up in Hollywood there’s one last top 10 list that would have made us all smile…

I’ve always wanted to hear a Hunt for Red October discussion from you all. I think nowish would be appropriate. Really sorry to have heard such bad news.