Qt3 Movie Podcast: A Quiet Place


I’m more relaxed about the plot holes than, say, Tom, but come on. Text communication exists.


What I was trying to say that the fastest ways of communication involve sound sources in one way or another on sender’s and recipient’s end.


I enjoyed this movie, even though I don’t usually enjoy movies in the horror genre. How do I know this was in the horror genre? Because the length of nerdy discussion by Tom in this thread. Ha ha. You guys are horror fans.

Ok, time to listen to the podcast.


It always pleases me when you resurrect these threads and let us know you’re listening to the podcast after finally getting to see the movie. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.

Thank you for doing that.


“You should tell her.”


A couple of months ago CinemaWins did a great video about this one, he spent the 2nd half of the video explaining most of the issues people had with the movie, which he almost never does. What interesting is his theory that it’s not the sound waves defeated the aliens, but electro-magnetic waves:


I really loved watching this. I’ve got so many movies to see this week, and now I want to watch this again.

Thank you for posting this, @kentwou.