Qt3 Movie Podcast: Alien


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I had to sit in the car before I parked at work so I could stop laughing at 17:26 when @Kelly_Wand explained Arnold’s versatile acting.


John Hurt is the first officer I believe.


My official rank on the podcast is Brett.


So he’s Riker?


-I feel dead.
-Anyone ever tell you you look dead, man?



“People who hold signs…go on to hold many things.”




My dad sat me down and showed me this movie when I was eight. I spent the next four years in absolute terror of monsters from space. A couple decades later I asked him what he was thinking and he had no recollection of the event. Thanks, dad.


I remember


Having not listened to the podcast yet, two comments:

At the time of release I was working with Dan O’Bannon’s girlfriend, who wrangled an invitation for me to the San Francisco premier.

O’Bannon confessed to me (and later publicly) that he was influenced by the 50’s cheesefest It! The Terror From Beyond Space, one of my favorites from kidhood.****


The unmade Gibson script has been adapted into a comic series by DC recently. No idea if they’re any good.

Also, I’d be really quite happy with a parallel movie podcast series on some older movies, especially those considered classics of a given genre. It was so much fun to hear about Alien - a movie that’s been with me for 30+ years - with a fresh pair of ears, so to speak. Thanks. P.


That’s fascinating! What did you think when you saw it for the first time? What was O’Bannon like?


We’re talking 40 years ago or so, so I don’t remember much. I know I loved it and I remember asking him if he was familiar with It!, but not much else.

Given my lifestyle at the time I was likely high or drunk. Or both.


Oh, man, I’ve got to watch Ants.

Same year as this apparently:

Not sure what that says about 1977.


After ten long years, the Qt3 Movie Podcast finally reveals the origin story behind KellyWand’s cosmic powers of Opsis…!


Some say “powers,” others “gibberish.”


One of my favorites as well. Time to rewatch.


Ray “Crash” Carrigan FTW