Qt3 Movie Podcast: All Is Lost

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: All Is Lost
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When November 25, 2013

In the course of not seeing Hunger Games: Catching Fire, we watch Margin Call director J.C. Chandor's survival thriller, All Is Lost. We're pretty sure we made the right call. At the one-hour mark, this week's 3X3 is modern movies that have to be in black-and-white..

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Really liked the discussion on All is Lost. Tom's interpretation of both Margin Call and All is Lost being about letting go I think is correct (even with his castigation of the financial agents). One thing I disagree with is that I think Chandor in both movies is saying that it's not in letting go that defines us but how we react to circumstances after they have defied us.

One thing that defines both the characters of Margin Call and All is Lost is their plans, their expectations, are shown to be empty. Its how they strive in the situation that follows that defines the characters. In Margin Call I thought the comparison was really well shown in the difference between Zachary Quinto's character who, after finding out that his world is about to change, digs in and Penn Badgley's character who continues to go through his night unwilling to confront the ramifications of what has happened until they bear down on him.

In Robert Redford's case,a certain resignation is part of how he deals with the situation at the end, but what defines his character is all that he does before hand. Much like Tucci's character in the beginning of Margin Call, after all of Redford's options are exhausted does he resign himself to the end.

There are a couple of color spots in Sin City, but not the blood, Dingus.

Chinese astronauts are Taikonauts. :)

Oh crap, did I really add an 'h' to the Coen brothers?

I really love when you guys do the limited release movies, because there is no practical way for me to see them anytime soon and frankly I probably would never hear of them other wise. If I can't watch them myself, its great to at least experience them vicariously through three guys who really love movies and know what their talking about. I'll definitely be keeping this on a list of movies to check out when it's released on Blue Ray. I loved Gravity, and Christian pretty much sold All Is Lost to me with his first comments after the All Is Lopsis.

You guys are never going to do 12 Years a Slave, are you? :(

I think Kelly Wand's 12 Years a Slopsis would be worthy of legend.

I'm hoping for the best of 2013 episode.

I was delinquent with my listener submission this week, but seeing as it wasn't mentioned, I'm putting forward Darabont's The Mist. There is a color version and a black-and-white version. But for the movie to be superb and immersive and representative of the stark politics it warns against, it has to be in black and white.

Come on, guys. Cut Dave Perkins some slack.

Are you kidding? He's one of our favorite listeners! And, just speaking for myself, he's one of my favorite people. Any ribbing we give somebody like Dave is straight up affectionate joshing.

Dave rocks.

Really wanted to hear Kelly Wand's breakdown of Nebraska...

I'm a few weeks behind on the movie podcast but my #1 b&w post 80' would be Escape from Tomorrow.

Good German, Pi, Man Who Wasn't There would have been the other 3 + runner up.