Qt3 Movie Podcast: Aquaman

All wet?

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That front page picture for this is perfect.


“I am Tom. Keeper of the lighthouse.”

Aquaman movie lived fast died Young but left a good looking corpse

Can’t wait to listen to the podcast. Went to see it with a foreign ladyfriend and we both really enjoyed it for what it was, and especially since we expected to be disappointed. An old dude in his 70s behind us whistled when Amber Heard first showed up! Ha!

Anyway, this wasn’t anything special, but I’d still rank it alongside some of the Ironman movies. (Which have all kind of blended together in my mind.)

We went to see it, saw some early reviews that said it was the second best DC movie. I now realize that when saying it is better than crap doesn’t actually mean it is good. This was horrid, long, bloated and the effects were just cheesy. I laughed as soon as young Nicole was on screen and didn’t stop until after the coda. Jason is fun and charismatic but that still couldn’t breathe any life to this. The only scene that was at all interesting was the deep ones chasing them in the trench. It was definitely a James Wan image, but it didn’t fit into this movie at all.

Jeez… Don’t any of these characters have access to blow dryers?

The Man Who Would Be Oceanmaster.


“Second best DC movie” is an incredible instance of damning with faint praise.

Is it man or lung? I’m confused.

Sitting on a sea vent.

Eyeing little fish with bad intent.

I like how Dingus keeps saying Ack-wah-man.

This could have been so much better if Vincent Chase had been cast as Aquaman. Wait . . . . wasn’t he?

Do you know why Dingus does that?


Does it have something to do with Jethro Tull?

This is my guess.

I thought Jason Momoa was goofy in SGA. Is he better in this movie? (He has definitely lifted some weights.)

I forgot I never actually said why I say it that way. It’s because I love this song so much:

From the first verse (after the chorus open).


“I have a history of taking off my shirt.”

Is that Chris Roberts on the left?

Yes. He needed to get his mind off Wing Commander.