Qt3 Movie Podcast: Avatar

Tom Chick, Christien Murawski, and Kelly Wand disagree about Avatar. One of them quite liked it, one of them didn’t like it so much, and one of them hated it. Which is why we end up going longer than usual.

If you haven’t seen Avatar yet, skip ahead to this week’s 3x3 right at the 1:09:00 mark. Movies that make smoking cool.

Next week: Sherlock Holmes…

Hooray! Listening now!

Hey it’s one of these things that I can actually listen to because I’ve seen the movie. Sweet.

I felt like there were 3 guys sitting here telling us it was ‘OK’ what happened to native Indians, and that movies like Avatar are just self-righteous crap with dumb natives who refuse shiny beads.

I could only listen to the first 30 minutes or so. The audio normalisation was really bad. For some reason Tom’s voice was coming through extremely loud and the other guys voices were very quiet.

As for Avatar I can only say it is the sort of film I go to see and disengage brain and enjoy the spectacle. At least it was better than 2012 The Poseidon Adventure. ;)

That was an entirely different scenario since the Navi are blue and the Injuns were red. Plus in [I]Avatar[/I] they dont even get offered shiny beads, although we do send them a free Chosen One. Ingrates!

Janster, I think you listened to the wrong podcast. I don’t recall anyone on our podcast saying it was “OK what happened to native Indians”. As Americans, I assure you all three of us share Cameron’s sense of guilt for what happened to the Native Americans. And slaves. And everyone in Indochina. And Iraqis.


Tom’s making a career out of this Deus Ex thing.


And the Carthaginians, Aztecs, Incas, Tibetans, Hittites, aborigines, Wookiees, Fremen, Neanderthals, Trojans, Whig party, Hitchcock at the Oscars, Dexter’s wife, the TV series Jericho, Betamax, dodos, and 2D movies.

This movie isn’t a guilt trip is it? I’m seeing it tomorrow night.

Yeah, but its the prettiest one ever made. Tom just doesnt like movies in a green and purple palette because he`s racist, methinks.

Wait, Kelly Wand isn’t a woman? I’ve never listened to one of these podcasts, as I hate it when talented writers decide to do this instead of actually write, but I may listen to this one.

Also, apparently everyone is racist. Except midgets. (In Bruges doesn’t count.)

Yeah, Kelly Wand hasn’t been writing reviews on her blog since we started recording the podcast. It’s a damn shame, really, but she’s only got so many hours in the day.


I miss the “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure” James Cameron.

We got to hear that there had been ‘times of sorrow’ before and that probably implied shit had hit some fans long ago, which again may imply that the natives were not always touchy feely good, but the defense of their home against people who wanted their stuff is valid enough for me to sympathize.

Seeing that humans have actually done this before, and many times over makes me think this is not unthinkable at all in the future. In a them or us scenario, that colonel choose us despite the morale outrage(from scientists).

Lastly, unobtainium, not at all a bad name, considering that we got this

My post was a sort of a joke, (the racism and midget parts), and sort of some bitterness that some of my favorite writers in many fields are going down this podcast path. I’m old and cranky. Things were better when I could just listen to my MUSIC on my iPod, and read my columns on my laptop.

I miss Tom vs Bruce, and I will not apologize for it.

Good day, sir. Good day.

Lord knows what those times of sorrow could have been given the movie’s insistent that these are the most perfectest of beings at perfect harmony with their planet. I can only assume the last period of sorrow was the last time an alien species came to Pandora to try and mine unobtanium.

I like the word “facile” being used by Tom. I’d been trying to decide whether Avatar was more trite, infantile, disingenuous or imbecilic.

Yeah, exactly. In RL, its not like neighboring tribes were exactly fond of the Aztecs. Or the Comanches. But the Navi have exactly zero qualities that could remotely be construed as morally nuanced, let alone “barbaric.” We dont even know what the real stakes are: at one point were told Earth is a “dying” world, but apparently we`re doing well enough to transport troops across the galaxy and worry about quarterly financial statements.

The way the movie sets it up, Sully’s decision is based almost entirely around his feelings towards a piece of blue ass. Which technically should make Neytiri the Chosen One…Sexist dandelions!

This makes no sense.

I can’t believe you are equating the premise of this film to the neighboring tribes of the Aztec. The better example, which Cameron gives us (bluntly with a hamfisted hammer wrapped in duh!) is the Spanish conquest of the Incas.

*Near the end of the film Sully mentions (in voice-over??) that “they” (people of earth??) have killed everything green on earth, or something like that.

*I say this after one viewing of the movie, with zero research.

Eh, my point, as such, is that tribes like the Tlaxcalans loathed the Aztecs so much that they fought on the side of the Spaniards against them, even though it likely meant their own demise as well, a level of political complexity and nuance that I wistfully wish the movie had aspired to. (Although I realize a running time of 8 hours and 98 minutes isn`t much time for things like that.)

Yeah. And?

It shows.