Qt3 Movie Podcast: Black Christmas

…we should have done a podcast on Always Shine, director Sophia Takal’s previous movie.

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I’m almost crying as I listen to the opsis. So good.

<3 <3

Christmas came early this year! Thank you so much for this.

Currently in the middle of the opsis and about to fall out of my chair laughing. Every time Kelly makes his “Waaaahhhh!” noise I about lose it, but it’s truly spot on today.

This is terrible, but until you talked about the audition/mechanic scenes in Always Shine, I forgot that I saw Always Shine the same week I saw Black Christmas in December. You all must have mentioned you were going to discuss it then. Obviously I thought it was tons better than Black Christmas and just assumed there was some studio/money nonsense Takal wasn’t powerful or experienced enough to manage. I’m sure she’ll keep directing.

I managed to watch Black Christmas completely cold and took a certain pleasurable disappointment in its progressive denial of interesting story and metaphor. Afterwards, I couldn’t think why I’d thought it was supposed to be a clever movie. I had a similar experience watching Velvet Buzzsaw earlier this year although that concluded more skillfully (and thus less mockable by opsis—tradeoffs!)

I still can’t stop thinking about the battle scene in Black Christmas. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in any movie ever.


That battle scene should be taught in film school. I’m not sure how you don’t reshoot that.

One of the chicks was wielding a sled during the battle scene. She was slaying fratboys with the kind of sled a child uses to slide down a slight incline after a light snowfall. Eisenstein wishes he’d thought of that.


I’ve gotta admit I don’t remember anything about the end fight other than slumping down in my seat out of embarrassment.

With all this talk about the Ring and Grudge, was wondering if anyone saw that Ring vs Grudge movie where Sadako and Kayako fight.

Yes. It’s really stupid.

Have not listened to the podcast yet, just wanted to pop in and say, yeah, this movie is not very good!

It’s the first time I’ve rented a movie instead of buying it in years, and I made the right call.

Fuck yeah, I seen. And yes, it’s really stupid. So stupid I watched it twice. That ending pwnzzz.