Qt3 Movie Podcast: Black Sea

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Black Sea
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When February 2, 2015

This week we see Jude Law go on an undersea heist for Nazi gold..

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This weeks Clubapalooza pick is Enemy at the Gates. Jump to the 1:21:20 mark for the discussion.

Had no idea this was a Scoot McNairy joint.

Angry/exasperated Dingus is very funny Dingus. Also, 50 Shades huh.

Huh. Chris, there is no better way to put that. Huh.

I'm thinking of doing a kickstarter so that Kelly's dream of doing that effing movie does NOT come true. Who is with me!

So I guess I should have put the disclaimer about calling me Ray at the start of the email. Great podcast as usual. Really brightened up what was an otherwise very stressful day.

Just how much would the kickstarter need to raise to make that dream come true?

How dare you.

Sorry Ray. I get worried if we read the wrong name for our listeners. I love it when you all write in and I want that to be a good thing for you when we read your stuff during the show. Because it's a really good thing for us.

Thanks for the kind words. Hope your week gets better.


Ah no worries I've listened to enough of your guy's podcasts that I should have known. Thank you for the kind words and I look forward to the 50 Shades Of Greyopsis.

RAY! I'm trying to stem the tide here! Come on!

This could be your Battle of the Five Armies.

I can't believe this is happening.

I'm not sure if 50 Shades of Grey will be one of those movies that is so infuriating to you that it'll make for a great podcast or if it'll just be so formulaic and to form that it's boring and you guys stop talking about it after twenty minutes. On the other hand this could be 2015's Piranha. I vote for rolling the dice.

Kelly's "eww" has given new meaning to that song.


Seriously. And I'm not happy about that.

One can only imagine the stretch goals for the kickstarter.

Reading the, wait for it, "novels?"

The German Stalingrad film is awesome, better than enemy at the gates, also Cross of Iron is quite good, but neither are sniper movies.