Qt3 Movie Podcast: Blood Quantum

Tom Chick and Kelly Wand welcome Bruce Geryk for a discussion of this zombie apocalypse movie with a Native American twist. With Geryk’s help, we even figure out the title.

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Bruce has made me want to watch Embrace of the Serpent again. I love that movie.

I wish that this movie wouldn’t have had a jump forward in time. I was quite enjoying everything before the jump ahead 6 months. I realize that’s not the story that the director wanted to tell, but I think that’s the movie that I would have enjoyed.

Oh, is there a movie to watch for the next podcast?

It did kind of split everything into two acts, didn’t it? Outbreak movie, then post-apocalypse survival movie. I’m also partial to outbreak movies, but you’re right that Barnaby’s story would fit into just an outbreak movie.

Not as of yet. But I think we’re on track to keep going bi-weekly for now. At least we managed to get back into the email account, so I’ll make a point to give folks advance notice for what movie to see and to hit y’all up for email comments.



Also, watch Jojo Rabbit.

I don’t think it’s available on VOD outside of North America yet which is a strike against, but Capone seems like an interesting one to talk about.

Looks like I can watch this for free. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet and don’t want to be spoiled. Should I watch it?

I’d say so. It does enough stuff that’s unique and interesting that I’d recommend it to pretty much any horror fan. But Geryk preferred the director’s first movie, Rhymes for Young Ghouls, so he’d probably tell you to watch that instead.