Qt3 Movie Podcast: Closer to God

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Closer to God
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When July 6, 2015

This week we discuss Closer to God, an indie latter-day Frankenstein. At the 57-minute mark, we consider movies that wouldn't have happened unless someone did something really stupid..

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"At the 57-minute mark, we consider movies that wouldn’t have happened unless someone did something really stupid.

Next week: Terminator: Genisys"

Anyone else see that as foreshadowing?

Sorry for the spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen the movie, but at the end of the movie, with the body bag scenes, Mary appears to be moving her head and swallowing. Dingus, I think you mentioned that in the podcast or something to that effect.

I thought it was kind of creepy when Claire arrives home and the girls run over to hug her and they are completely silent.

Oh, you're right! Is that Mary? It's such a brief shot, but she's totally alive. I think Dingus thought she was terrible at playing a corpse, but she's clearly alive, lying on a gurney when everyone else is getting zipped into a body bag.

I think it is her or it's a protester but I didn't think any protesters got hurt. It's a really strange moment because I think if it is Mary that maybe has some ramifications. It also makes her saying that she wants to leave all the more interesting.

No. I didn't think she was terrible at playing a corpse. I thought that was either incompetent filming of the body bag sequence (which I would lay at the feet of the director), or a terribly ham-handed way of showing us she was still alive (which I would also lay at the feet of the director).

I'm glad Chris saw it too.

Actually, now that I check, you guys are goofballs. It's Claire in the final shot. The way she looks over at Victor's body, which is the last shot of the movie, makes no sense if it's Mary. It's harshly lit from the side, but it's clearly not Mary.

Besides, Victor confirms Mary is dead when he says "there's nothing we can do for her". We furthermore see him taking Mary's pulse when Claire arrives.

I was thinking maybe it was Claire, but her hair looks far too short when she is on the gurney to be Claire. I was even looking at earlier shots to try and see if there is similar clothing which the woman on the gurney is wearing would definitively say who it was and that didn't work either.

Also, that is a damn creepy thumbnail that you are using for the podcast on the right hand side of the front page. Near the start of the movie when they are conducting their tests on the baby and she just keeps crying and crying and seemingly in real distress made me feel the same way I felt when I saw the baby crying on the beach in Under the Skin.

It looks like her hair is just swept over to the side in the shadows, but I can see how that might be confusing when the only other woman in the movie with short hair is Mary, even though I have no idea how anyone would think that Mary had come back to life! And she's definitely wearing the same thing in the previous scenes where she's trying to protect the little girls from Ethan. It's a sort of light colored shawl thing.

I guess you might wonder why she's on a gurney when she wasn't physically injured. Maybe you expect the final shot would be her with her two daughters. But maybe the little girls weren't available when they shot that scene. Maybe the director really wanted a scene of Claire seeing Victor's body. Maybe something got cut where EMTs insist on taking her to the hospital.

It's 'cause Mary Shelley's novel concludes with EMTs. Tom, you never read Frankenstein? That surprised me. It's a good read.

The correct Star Wars answer is: the film only happened because that technician on Darth Vader's Star Destroyer at the start hadn't gone, "Hey, wait, before you shoot that escape capsule, let's scan it for life signs, because whatever we use for ammo is probably expensive. Nope, no life signs. I'm going to assume the capsule just malfunctioned and launched itself spontaneously and that there's nothing of any value on it and not send anyone to investigate."
Without him Luke would never have known about Leia, the Death Star plans would have never have made it to the rebels, etc.

I forgot about this, but Kelly needs to record his lyrics over the closing song.

I can write out his lyrics for you right now: