Qt3 Movie Podcast: Cloud Atlas

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Cloud Atlas
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When October 29, 2012

Cloud Atlas leaves us variously nonplussed, in love, and appropriately whelmed. To skip spoilers, jump through time to the 55-minute mark for this week's 3x3. We bring you our horror triple features just in time for Halloween..

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I feel like I didn't live up to expectations--given that Kelly did 4 sets of 3 movies.

And "Michael Blob" is the name of my new 50's cover band. ;)

I was really looking forward to this movie podcast. I've read the book (absolutely loved it), but have yet to see the movie.

To clear some things up, the actors playing multiple roles is something created for the movie, the only character that crosses stories in the book is Sixsmith. It seems like a choice they made that only really causes confusion.

As for the whole timeline/jumping between stories, it sounds to me the book reveals this much better. The reason the stories stop abruptly is because that is how far the character in the next story got in reading/viewing the previous story before being interrupted, so Frobisher finds the boat guy's journals, 70's Halle Berry finds Frobisher's letters to Sixsmith, etc. Also, some of the jumps imply that the previous story is fictional. The old man, Cavendish, receives the 70's story as a fictional manuscript, so the books toys with the idea that some/all of the stories aren't in the same reality.

I'm starting to get the impression that this movie is better suited for those that have already read the novel, as it seems to miss some of the more subtle details of the entire theme.

The Wachowskis have made a film that's unbookable.

Shane, that intercut story conceit sounds pretty cool. That makes sense, but it seems like the filmmakers didn't trust the average movie-goer's attention span.

Huh. The podcast got me worked up about seeing this. Feels like it could be this years' Southland Tales.

Oh man, that's an apt comparison, Patrick!

How dare you.

Who brings twelve movies to a three-by-three? No one man should have all that power.

It sounds like even Murawski was impressed.

Well I just got home after seeing Cloud Atlas and I loved it. I loved the themes presented that ran through all of the stories, I loved the cinematography and colors, I thought all the actors involved turned in great performances. One of my new favorite movies, despite the nearly three hour run time.

Sadly, it seems like the filmmakers were more taken by the reincarnation business, which was superficial to the point of being superfluous in the book, over the more complex theme of how times change but the moral economy of good and bad deeds remain constant.

I honestly don't know if I can bring myself to see this movie. I loved the book to pieces but it really seems like Wachowskis don't get it.

The hell, you barely even talk about the movie. I guess this one really needs a spoiler discussion.