Qt3 Movie Podcast: Cop Car

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Cop Car
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When August 26, 2015

This is our Cop Car podcast! At the 1:34 mark, this week's 3X3 throws a little light on our favorite shadows in movies..

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I'm surprised no one called out Dingus for not knowing Super 8 was made by JJ Abrams. You guys are way too mean to Spielberg.

I'm pretty sure he meant it was an homage to Spielberg that perfectly captured how syrupy the guy can get. Super 8 may not have been directed by Spielberg, but it's a Spielberg movie.

Camryn Manheim is 54. I thought she looked younger than that in the movie. I loved the shot of Harrison with the portable AED defibrillator and he has the paddles on his chest and he's about to press the button before Travis interrupts him.

I saw Hitman: Agent 47 on the weekend and it was the first time that I ever thought that I might get into a fight with another patron.

Do tell! What happened?

In the context of a discussion of directorial chops, it strikes me as kind of weird to call someone out for the the equivalent of a bad cover version of one of their songs.

At least pick on Hook or Crystal Skull or something.

It strikes me as weird to fixate on a throwaway comment when I'm pretty sure you knew exactly what was meant. Quick, someone said something that can be misconstrued! To the comments section!

By the way, we did pick on Crystal Skull. Good call on Hook, though. If you're going to be "mean to Spielberg", don't forget Hook!

Oh that was another thing that drove me crazy! When Travis goes back to the car to "get more bullets" Harrison holds up one of the paddles and asks, "What do you think this does?" Then you hear the sound of him turning on the machine. When Travis returns, Harrison is holding the paddles to his chest, as you describe.

So which is it? He doesn't know what the machine does? Or he knows those are chest paddles? I don't think it can be both.

Still, I'm just nitpicking with something like that. I agree it is a funny moment. Unlike when Harrison says to Travis later on, "You shoulda worn the bulletproof vest." Which is not only a weird thing to say at that moment, but it's so cold. I could almost see the line as one of those buddy cop lines, said while Mel Gibson is holding his dying partner Danny Glover or something, and they both chuckle. Here, I'm just not sure what to do with that line as Harrison says it.

What Tom said! You can't leave us hanging like that.

I can't believe that Independence Day and Raiders were both brought up, but nobody brought up Empire Strikes Back. The scene where all the star destroyers are flying around in space, then a gigantic shadow darkens all of them and the super star destroyer is revealed (the sleeker, glossier Vader star destroyer). It did a great job of setting up that this was the biggest and baddest ship we had ever seen. I know it's from a Star Wars movie, but Independence Day was brought up... I'm just sayin...

Sorry guys, work pulled me away.

So on Saturday afternoon I went with a friend to a matinee showing of Hitman at one of the big theaters. The place sits a little over 400 people but there is maybe 25 people tops at the showing that I'm at.

They crank the volume on the commercials and I rub my fingers in my ears during the trailers so I can't hear anything during that. But once that stops and the actual movie finally starts, there is a squeaking sound. Someone in the back row has a squeaky seat (these seats can recline).

Now the dude sitting in the squeak seat doesn't change seats. And I would say, conservatively that for every minute of movie there is 25-30 seconds of squeaking going on. I'm sitting 6 rows away and the squeaking is clear and very annoying.

This goes on for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 minutes and finally it hits the hour mark and it's still going on.

Now there is no way in hell that this person isn't doing this on purpose and that he's just being a dick who thinks this is really funny to annoy the people watching the movie. Not only am I having to listen to this squeaking but I am watching Hitman which makes the first one look like a masterpiece.

I have put up with people on cell phones, people talking, people kicking my chair at the movies and I have simply turned the other cheek and while it has irritated me I have taken the high road. On Saturday I did not take the high road.

On my best day I am 5'8... maybe. And I am most certainly not in shape. And while I'm not a George Constanza in a fire coward, I'm seeking out confrontations. I'm not scaring anyone, even small children aren't scared of me.

So as I get up out of my seat and stomp up the 6 rows to the back row I realize that I am probably going to get my lights punched out and I am going to roll down the stairs like a butterball turkey. I don't care, I have reached down and found a pair and I am angry now and I'm not going to deal with this politely or like an adult should.

I get up to the dude and I doff my cap and wave it in his face and say "Hello! Hello! Can you stop that please?!"

As I say "please" several things happen.

1. The dude looks up at me and he is totally bewildered that there is some crazy person in his face.
2. I notice this http://postimg.org/image/pjbxk... attached to the left arm of his seat.

For those that didn't click on the link what is attached to his chair arm is a device that shows subtitles for people who have impaired hearing.


Why is his seat shaking? Because he has a physical disability. He's a little bit shakey which transfers to the seat.


And I am standing there and thankfully the theater is dark and only he can see the look my face change from anger to absolute horror. The one time I decide to say something I accost a man who is hearing impaired and has a physical disability.

So I did what any man with a shred of dignity would do in my position. I ran away back to my seat, sunk down as far as I could go and prayed for the ceiling to cave in and kill me. And this morning I made a $25 donation to the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities.

In case you are wondering the squeaking continued for the rest of the movie.

Ha ha, I was planning on congratulating you for standing up to some a-hole. Instead, it turns out YOU were the a-hole! :)

So obviously I am never going to say anything to anyone in a theater ever again.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Do not want!

That's not the takeaway, Chris. The point here is not to let it build up until you're ready to explode. Just say something as politely as possible when it starts to bug you. Every time I have done that, it has been fine. Even when awkward. Like the woman with the cell phone the other night. I just said, "Please don't text during the movie." And even though she was a dick about it, she cut it out because I was nice while nipping it in the bud.

Keep the faith!

Heh. I was thinking about your post again, and remembered your "George Costanza in a fire coward" line. That made me laugh, and you know better than most that I'd key on that line.

What I only just thought of a few hours later, is how Opposite George handled a similar situation to yours...


Don't do that.

I did have a feeling you would appreciate that line. I love Opposite George!!! You've made me smile. There was no clapping in my theater. :)

Aw, man... it's one of my 3 favorite movies featuring a hook.

We're waiting...

As an Idahoan and connoisseur of Craig jokes, I was glad I wasn't drinking anything when you made your wide bracket comment Dingus! Good show sir.